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    Off roading, racing, dunes, trail rides, atv's, guns, video games, hanging out with friends, whatever sounds fun

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    Present: MX/Trail Banshee project ( work in progress )

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  1. Great job man, bike looks sick, i bet its a blast to ride too
  2. Thats a pretty neat conversion dude....So what are your plans with this bike? and how difficult was it to swap in the yz250 motor?
  3. Starting to come along nicely man, good job, cant wait to see it finished
  4. looks nice dude.....Are you planning on doing anything with your fenders or just keeping them stock?
  5. I like 32:1, you should check your compression though and make sure its healthy IMO!!
  6. Well im gonna try them out first and see if i like them, then ill decide!!
  7. Lol i know, i just noticed he had some and was curious on there performance because i just picked some up myself!!
  8. For sure on my to get list still lol, should i be fine with my stock timing or do i need to go +4?
  9. Well i ended up buying a set of T3's off ebay for about $200, i hear good reviews about these pipes compared to T5, T6's, cant wait to get them in, also got some K&N pod filters!!
  10. bansheebeef what year is your shee? i just picked up some T3's for my 99
  11. Love the grab bar, how much are you selling these for??
  12. Im going to go that route once its time for a rebuild!!
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