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  1. it was a blaster, that was all "done up" and it was slower than most stock quads. the track was SWEET!!!!! top notch all the way. the flow of things happening needed to be faster but still had a great time! it is a work in progress, and I will defiantly be back in the spring for the 3rd.
  2. ok yeah im a dummy. I got new rad hoses and forgot wich one goes where. is this correct? the top hose on the rad goes to the head. and the bottom hose on the rad goes to the water pump. is that right??? thanks.
  3. I have toomey silencers with a toomey hush sparky. I need the end caps cuz im taking the hush kit off. any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. http://www.us27motorsports.com/custompage.asp?pg=mud_bogs
  5. im going! ill be there with some freinds. staying at my buds place on w lake Holiday Dr. (bout 3min from the entrance)
  6. body and frame are original so are the 327 V8 & 350 trans. starts right up. no smoking out the tail pipes! front windshield leaks. Lansing MI 48911 all pm's returned. $3000.
  7. must be chrome and not beat to hell. I got 200. please reply. thanks!
  8. x2! they will stick a tube down yur exhaust to make sure you have sparkys on even if in the back of a p/u. I tried the ol' put screen in the silencer and an 50= yr. old woman said. toomys dont come with sparkys like this. and turned me away befor i broke down and bout a sparky. its no fun being that guy that is worring in the back of yur head if yur gonna make it on the dunes.
  9. I know theres gonna be a bunch of us from my crew, prolly 6 or so. who else is going opeing day??
  10. This is a buddy of mines. Just like every one else hes spent a ton of money on his banshee and now is forced to sell it. Race Ported by Vitos racing round style carrier stock lenth or +2?? lonestar steering aluim big radiotor pro circuts renthals dura blue extended axle K&N works shock al the way around. Vforce3 bigger carbs but I dont know the speces. extended race frame. 2+1 chrome a arms. you get the idea. he needs 2300. this is his bottom dollar. local pick up or will meet you halfway for $. Brian 517.202.4225
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