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  1. I will say this about BansheeHP.

    Although you two don't see eye to eye on the color of the sky, he's a great guy to local racers here in MI.


    When a fellow racer got his bike stolen, he had new in the box parts laying around his garage and GAVE them to a fellow racer to help get him another build going.

    He also, at that time, offered his employee discount on anything sold at his previous employer...a banshee super store.


    HP has always treated me great.


    I understand not everyone will always get along.  Hell, I may have even set that standard here years ago....

    But that being said, I will stand up for HP's character as he's always done me right.


    However, in your shoes...I don't see Christmas cards being exchanged anytime soon.

  2. I guess not. A guy starting a thread about going to a track to drag race at a track then people asking for numbers doesn't make sense I guess. Kinda like starting a dyno thread, then not posting numbers..


    Oh well, maybe if he comes back on he might just give out some numbers. Curious to see what his car ran. But it doesnt matter I guess.


    I guess to a guy that doesn't even participate in any kind of organized drag racing...it shouldn't make sense.

    You're right...it doesn't matter.


    You do realize...he's going from MI back to the West Coast hauling all the gear, cars, etc.? 

    Tedder drove from Mi to Ohio. 


    I don't want you to hurt yourself thinking about the differences in driving distances and time.  How about you give STY a few days to gather info and post...rather than act like it's owed to you, someone...again...who has no stake in any of the game, and wouldn't know a good number from bad and how to get from one to the other.

  3. No matter what you say, anything with Microsoft in the name, is total SHIT, in my book.  I agree that no one program will do it all, and I never said that, you accused me of saying it.  You keep bringing up, "safe browsing habits", and fail to realize that many people have kids, or aren't real computer savvy, so they tend to use free crap, like AVG, MSE, and so on.  The hackers target the stuff that gets used the most, which ends up being Norton, McAfee, and the free stuff.

    NO need to get butt hurt...at all. 

    I wasn't speaking to you about 1 program doing it all, that was a general statement.


    I've been doing this for over 15 years professionally, which means I do this for 8 hours a day, then fix friends, family, co-workers and word of mouth computer issues at home, other small businesses, etc. 

    Kids are worse than parents.  With the speed of computers and the Internet, infections are more complex and come at you even faster.

    You echoed what I said about hackers looking for the biggest target...I believe I said that.

    McAffee, Norton, etc.


    I'm not a Microsoft Fan boy...and you can call it crap all you want.


    They own over 80% of the desktop/laptop computing market (and that's a very conservative figure).

    They are the standard.


    For personal mobile use, I'm an Android guy...but I don't have anything against Apple. They make quality stuff, just too cookie cutter IMO.

    I said safe browsing habits along with a layered approach. 


    Just like I could tell you to look both ways when you cross the street.  Safe habit.

    Kids, adults, animals, etc., run into the middle of the street all the time.


    I think you took most of my post as me speaking to you...most of it was a general, blanket statement.  Sorry if that twisted your undies.

  4. I've fixed several computers that had Microsoft Security Essentials on them, and it didn't work good enough, to remove the infections that were on them.  All of the free antivirus softwares, are the first ones the hackers target, when they come out with new malware/trojans.  I've tried all of the free ones, and I don't really think any of them, are that great.


    I have fixed computers with NOD32, Kaspersky, Norton, McAffee, etc.


    "good enough" is very relative...to be honest.


    NO antivirus does it all.  Layered approach, common sense and safe browsing habits.

    If anyone ever says otherwise, they're naive and inexperienced.


    I disagree with the hackers targeting free antivirus.

    They target the antivirus companies that are the largest... just as they write more viruses for Windows then they do MAC, Linux, etc.


    I respectfully disagree...


    (No antivirus is going to protect full blown porn addicts or those using file sharing/music stealing programs. Take that to the bank...I do...lol)


    BitDefender consistently scores in the top of non-biased, non-paid antivirus testing.

    My disclaimer is I've never used it...so for what it's worth...


    MS Security Essentials






    Here's some other virus/spyware/trojan/root kit removers I use:



  5. No, ignition timing has nothing to do with compression and therefor the required octane of your fuel will not be affected by the timing plate.

    Incorrect...to a point.

    A modest increase of timing should not need higher octane.

    But any time you increase heat in a motor (compression, timing, etc.) the possibility is there.

    If you slap on a plate and put a few degrees of timing on it...****And it was tuned/jetted properly before***...you most likely will not have to add octane.

    Listening to your motor and reading spark plugs are a good idea regardless.

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  6. I'll be in silver lake on the 14th for Apple fest.  We compete in bbq there.  Milan is an hour from my house...I would drag wheelman to Milan but I'm sure he's going to the dunes for labor day....I'm off work on vaca the week prior and labor day is my birfday... I'll be itching to get out.



    I  caught wind of what happened in wmsd.  Too bad...I've heard buddy was doing a great job.  


    Let me know what you gonna do...and if grandpa Ted is coming....lol

  7. Don't know what happened to Buddy...but I can try to find out for you if you'd like Brian...if there's going to be a race or not.

    Labor Day weekend is a pro truck race (PTN)

    Buddy bought the name and rights to that series.

    They do run quad/ATV classes as well.  just to be clear.


    I am going to see my old friend later, who owned the very successful PTN series before Buddy... I can ask him/get details if you'd like.

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