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  1. Fastkid, I agree 100% with you.

    No carb offers more power than the other.  It has to do with personal preference.

    My old mil ran the same numbers with PWKs as it did with Lectrons.
    I liked the Lectrons better because of their ease of tune and simplicity.

    I borrowed them to others, they didn't like them as much (to be honest, I'm not sure who has them...lol)


    Those Lectrons, also being honest, were given to me in literally like new condition.

    Pay it forward type deal.

    I would have never shelled out the $700 plus it would've cost me to buy them setup from Packard at that time like they were.

    I'd have converted a set of snomo pumper PWKs like most around here do.


    But once I got 'em, read up on them and experienced them, I loved them.

    All adjustments from the top...no need to take off the float bowl, etc.


    But I agree, world records are set with just about every kind of carb in what we do...it's 100% personal preference.

  2. There was a vendor, and I don't know if it was on ATVDR, PS or here, that was selling these.

    It's my belief they are not OEM...but aftermarket (probably Chinese, but who knows).


    I've been unable to locate this part from carbparts.com, Sudco or even my local stealership microfiche files.


    I also wonder if this fits the pumper carbs or just gravity...

  3. Did u have to press a new throttle needle passage into the carb ?

    Short of actually machining a "tube" or "Sleeve" that's the only way it can be done.

    PWKs have that tube pressed in.

    I've also heard of others doing the same...but, for the price of PWKs, it's easier, IMO...to buy another set.

    That being said, also...there's not many out there going from gas to alky and back to gas.

    A while ago, if you had a PWK drilled for alky, people just considered them done.

    With some work, you can replace them.


    In my own opinion, though....because of how cheap you can buy used carbs, it's not worth it.

  4. Go see Rich @ Richards Auto in New Baltimore.  You can buy a 5 gallon can of M1, but for a little more money you can get a 55 Gallon drum and drum pump.

    He's a fellow racer and is the closest around to our side of town.


    As long as it's like 99% pure methanol, you'll be fine. 


    If you buy M1, you're paying in part for the VP racing fuels name, logo, etc.


    Many of us buy a 55 gallon drum and use it all season...guys that dune go through a TON.

    (I should clarify I used to buy 55 gallon drums, when I had my alky bike...lol)

  5. Anyone who wants to say it will.....dyno sheets or GTFO.


    Never saw a dyno pass me on the track....LOL

    (sorry John, had to.)


    John has a love affair with Trinity, by the way. I know how much it pains his heart to steer business away from them....



  6. Windows XP Pro FTW. Too bad Microsoft doesn't support it anymore.

    Until April 2014, XP Pro SP3 is supported.


    I did that. Haven't messed with it much but at least there's start button now.


    I need to mess with it more.

    Now is when I get to say...  I TOL YOU SO MUTHA FUCKA....  there, had to say it.

    8 is a little better as 8.1 with the "Desktop" view option.  But that just moved it from Horseshit to Dogshit.  A little less sized pile O Shit.


    I still would've called HP and threatened to send them tanned and jacked photos of me until they sent you a Windows  7 CD/DVD for that computer.

    They would've overnighted that shit for free...

  7. Classic thread miner...

    NYUK is quickly approaching his golden years (or maybe golden showers, who knows)...

    He's just like that crotchety old man on the porch relving his younger days...when a banshee was a new thing...and MC Hammer Pants were in style.

    And...Michael Jackson was still black...


    Great thread!!  Back in the USSR....

  8. Brap...

    Hit up Ricky Stator...they could use your help.


    Honestly, many of us don't have time to be technicians when riding.  Either at the race track or in the dunes or trails.

    So we're parts changers...

    Many of us know the common failures of the bikes we ride (that's one good thing about having a quad that went basically unchanged for over 20 plus years).

    So we keep extras on hand.


    You probably could've saved yourself greif with a little different delivery, instead of the way you handeld it.

  9. No worries...Just Wanna.

    I thought my bike set a record @ PS back in 08...then I looked at the slips...LOL.

    Still did well, but...times were not legit.


    My buddy that jockey'd the bike does have a slip somewhere with Ohton's signature on it for a record though...LOL.

  10. I change parts all the time. 


    Pick up coil controls spark. It has it's own seperate coil, the reluctor on the flywheel interupts the magnetic field, allowing 3 or so volts up the pick up coil, jumped up at the cdi, jumped up again at the coil, jumped up again at the spark plug. 

    spark wasn't your problem if it was the stator, you probably didn't have power out of your cdi all together.


    Saw alot of people asking about manuals, wanted to post this one.


    flame on.


    So you're saying that the stator doesn't have a lighting side and a ignition (spark) side?

  11. Jerid...

    I've seen the Bad Frog Top Alky dragster go 2.6 and 2.7 @120 to 130ish MPH at a few Michigan tracks and an Ohio track.

    I honestly don't know what his 60ft is, but I can tell you he's off the throttle at 3/4 track nearly every time.

    It's possible it's sub 1.1...


    There's a few vids out there.

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