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  1. I would only say stock IF you can find one locally and/or borrow one.

    I've kept up on the racetech thread a little, I'd have NO qualms about buying one from him.

    When I get back in this stuff, I'll be buying a drag race only version from him.

  2. BR8ES...standard always works fine.

    While you're at it...once you remove the flywheel, shake it and listen for broken magnets.

    If they're bad, you'll hear them shaking around inside like a maracca.

  3. Where did the complete ignition system come from before this?  Is this all KNOWN working parts...or pieced together from sales, ebay, etc.?

    Is it a Ricky Stator, aftermarket coil, shaved flywheel, etc?

  4. Holy Coolant hose batman...you could probably pick up a tenth just by shortening them...LOL. Kidding..


    Do you run those cut knobbies at the track or are they just roll around the garage tires?


    Curious as to where you run and why those tires if you run 'em.


    Nice looking setup fo sho.

  5. The carbs currently don't have any main jets in them. Could I just use one of my old jets a drill it?

    As said, yep.  Probably a good idea to scratch or scribe what you drill them out to, just for future reference.

    I'd probably carry .116, .120 and .122 if possible.  I wouldn't drill that dump tube much more than .120 to .122.


    Get a bar.  If you're not going to the dunes....get the bar.  You can probably, on a perfect pass...get a good time with that size motor and setup without a bar.  But you won't be able to consistently repeat it...and racing is all about consistency and being able to repeat success.


    I'm over in St. Clair Shores and Wheelman is in Clinton Twp...howdy neighbor.

    Since Wheelman is a neighbor, site sponsor and fellow racer...he can build a wild or mild wheelie bar.

  6. Just buy a cheap set from harbor freight.

    If you made your living as a machinist/fabrcator...I'd say buy a nice set.


    But then again, if you either of those, you wouldn't be asking that question...LOL.


    You'll need .110 to .124.


    Your main might be .116, but what is the dump tube?  And what kind of needle...and what clip is it on?

    You say tuning it in with the PJ still wasn't enough...does that mean you closed the PJ all the way and it was still fat?

  7. These i guess are what you call hand coned pipes. There a bunch of sections welded together to make up the expansion chambers...if you do some research a guy on here stated he has a dirtwheels that stated these pipes were top dog when tested against fmf, toomey, pro circuit, bills etc


    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using Tapatalk 2

    None of those pipes listed are even close to being in the running for "Drag" pipes.

    Then again, in dirtwheels...I'm sure nothing they had was in the running for a "drag" quad...unless LILSTVN was going to come out, in drag again, and jockey it.

  8. Personal preference, both do a great job.

    I'm an Android person...I've invested time and money into their ecosystem as far as apps and learning.

    My girl is an Apple fan, so I have an HTC Android Phone and the Nexus 10 tablet (my step son has the Nexus 7).


    She has an i5 and iPad2.


    There are apps that are nicer to use on either system...  test drive each somewhere and make a call.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of the 7" tablet design.  It's betwen a small screen phone or large screen tablet.


    You'll spend more time pinching, zooming to read web pages...wheras the larger form factor does web pages nicely. 


    7" does make a very nice ebook reader however.


    I'm not a fan of the Amazon Fire devices, yes it's android, but it's Amazon's overlay.

  9. What is your elevation?

    If you're at or near sea level...I'd be very, very weary of adding too much timing on a 10 mil cub with 17cc domes.


    Have you measured the cc of the domes? 


    Also, you may lose top end/MPH adding much more timing to a motor..


    I've bumped timing to the point the ET remained the same but I lost MPH because the motor was fighting itself.

  10. I'm a 260lb jockey for hire.

    I require my own changing room, first class helicopter flight and 5 star chef prepared meals.

    I require a 3 man secuirty team, I hate the Paparazzi....

    And I need someone with connections to get my model girlfriend her blow...  LOL.


    I'm hoping like hell to make this one.  More than likely no bike of my own to ride, I may have to bribe someone to let me throw a leg over their bike...but I miss the family.

    Should be a great race, can't wait to see the changes @ WMSD!!

  11. Interesting Trickedcarbine...

    The only slingshot I used was one of the originals from Kevin Gigot...

    It did not have the longer grooves, just a lot of short ones.

    Clearance was the biggest thing you had to check for.

    I can tell you in my old 10 mil cub one bearing per groove made it slip horrible.

    Call it HP, call it rider bike weight, call it track surface...


    I tried 1 ball every other, no difference in 60ft or ETs for my old bike.


    The only issue I ever had with mine was clearance, first thing out of Kevin's mouth was do you run an extra steel in your clutch stack...he nailed it.

    Took that out and never had an issue again.


    I gotta think about if I want to run this style or DD style on my next motor.


    Very interesting...

  12. John,

    A few things.  We talked about two things that were completely false.  One was my motor being in a rigid chassis @ PS 2008.  Wrong, and Jerid posted a picture in the lane next to my bike there.  Time slips from there?  Questionable.  I'm certain the 3.70 passes weren't legit.  3.80s were.  That being said, it still made it to the end faster than anyone else except one.

    And back then, 475 cc limited class was probably a lot more competitive than it is today.


    Here's the more important point you were wrong on. You said I blew the motor up because of the Sniper pipes, first pass.  And I told you that was incorrect as well.  They blew up because of my mistake, a pin on the crank race that I either should've put back in better (the smash and vice method wasn't such a great idea) or use an expoxy on the bearing race.

    And even though I told you that 10 times, I still think you believe it blew up because of the pipes.  You said phones were ringing as soon as I made that pass, which I also find hard to believe because of two reasons.  1., it was a Pro-Truck race, not an ATV race...  Which means ATVs were fillers.  And 2., it was very, very early afternoon Friday.  Many people don't get there till late Friday because they have to work, I actually drove up the night before.




    The reason I mentioned the dunes is because that's where Gary called out Shearer but both him and Jim failed to put a bike out to race with him.  That was the big firestarter, you'll have to admit.


    I also plainly said he needs to put up or shut up about track results.  What proves itself at the track trickles down to the dunes and recreational riding.  Not the other way around.


    You and I are in total agreement he needs to get out and race.  I said dunes because of the fire starter, it would be a good starting point.  But the real results are at the track, where lights and timers don't lie.  I know a dyno is a good tool used in the right hands.  But I've seen plenty of heartbreak at a dyno for not getting a "number" that a user thought, only to go out and do just fine at the track.  There are variables the dyno does not and can not take into consideration.  (Tire pressure, tire type, clutch tuning, gearing....just to name a few)


    There's no disputing that...unless you can tell me of a dyno where you start from a dead stop and accelerate to high gear like you do at a track, not just high gear it and pin it.

    I've been on a dyno a time or two myself.


    I'm with you on dune or track.  All personal preference.  I'm not a fan of 80 to 100MPH over whoops with someone right next to me.  Cal me a puss...don't care. 

    I like the track. I like making 6 to 30 passes (or 40 passes, I miss the old days at Bob's, when you ran out of fuel...).  I like hanging in the pit area with family and friends.


    I like some of the cool and impressive shit you see in a controlled environment.  I think you'd be hard pressed to get the Bad Frog Top Fuel Dragster out in the dunes.... LOL.


    You and I are in 100% total agreement, Gary needs to get out and prove his worth in this sport, in either arena.  He's got a proven record in street bikes on asphalt already.

    But it's been a few years now, it's time to get results.  In an arena with other formidable competitors.


    I know you like to stick to your dyno, and you should with the time and money you've invested in it.


    But I don't see anyone getting a medal (Trophy or $) given to them for playing Call of Duty on PS3.


    I do plan on trying to make it to the dunes and/or WMSD this year.  Promise I'll give you a holler when I do!  I hold no grudges or ill feelings.  I'll be on a loaner bike...and quite possibly a slow ass dune 4 stroke if my good buddy Wheelman lets me borrow them.  I told Jackie we're taking a vaca to Silver Lake, I have a place to stay, we all just need to borrow a bike.


    We'll meet up and hang out in due time, promise!!

  13. Boy this was a sweet, sappy love letter!!!  I liked it better when you two hated each other!!

    Sorry to disappoint.  I can call him or you a cocksucker if that makes you feel better....  LOL.


    We had a long talk on the phone a month or so back.  I have a new level of respect for John.

    Doesn't mean I agree with everything he says or does...but you won't see any personal attacks or jabs from me towards him.


    I'm too old for this shit anymore....LOL

  14.  X2 ^^

    More than just one set......lots of fingerprints on the ones that are making their way around behind the scenes. (In-Frames and OOF) After the results come in, it's Hot Potato again. Those few sets have seen more cross country action than a strip club dollar bill.



    Sorry to say...I'm hoping your behind the scenes information is more accurate than what we talked about on the phone a month or so ago.


    Two things you thought to be fact I flat out dispelled as wrong, as in wrong because it was information about my bike and my setup in which you at best had 3rd hand information about.


    I agree with you wholeheartedly that Gary needs to shut up and put up at a well known race against known competition. 


    But for as much sniping (no pun intended) as you do on him, what tracks and what records do you hold yourself?


    I'll flat out tell you the numbers you told me (which I never witnessed) were pretty good from WMSD.  That being said...other than carrying the Shearer torch, you might want to get some results yourself. 


    I know...I know...you're a dune rider and don't see the reason to waste time at the track.  I totally get it.  The track isn't your thing.

    But you keep on calling him out to compete in something you've neglected to do yourself.


    Just trying to be fair and honest.


    I will be the first one to say in my opinion Gary has gone about this 100% in the wrong way.  The right way would've been build something and race Mat Shearer at the dunes when the time was right.  No excuses, all parties had time and Mat made the trip, came out and got it done, period.

    And there have been plenty of races since then to prove the product.


    I'm not calling you out John, I have respect for you, and I appreciate you trying to help members.


    But in my opinion, you're being a bit of a hypocrite if all your information and knowledge is based on pieces of paper, what you read and not lights and timers.


    Nobody ever got a time slip or a trophy for keeping it pinned in the dunes...all I'm saying.


    (BTW, I'm keeping the details of our phone conversation between us, as promised.  If you want to talk about them on the forum, I'm ok with that...if you are)

  15. A couple questions...

    Last I heard, the PR guys used nitrous like a mofo....and I've seen pictures of their very light rider. Are you talking similar motor cc, without nitrous and similar in weight to your current setup?


    I agree... Clutch setup, gearing and tires are all new game now a days.

  16. Prochassis- PM enroute with the address.


    Haven't heard much about Ionia. It is supposedly a very well set up track from my understanding.

    I think they're under new ownership/managment.  They'd have to be for anyone to go back there.  Track/surface were absolutely great.  The management was horrible.

    It would take me a page to tell you about the last time I heard about an event there...and another page about the last time I got into it with that track manager.

    Bottom line is...instead of work to prep a track after a good deal of rain, finishing his deck at his house was more important...


    I thought phils was a invite only?


    Phils usually is invite only.  And by invite....I've seen 20 to 30 plus machines there.  There is normally a TON of info and lead time posted before they run there.

    At times, he just wants a few people, others...kick ass, run what ya brung big old throwdown....


    It's nice for the MI East Siders because it's a quick drive.  Nothing against WMSD, still call it home, but it's a 3 to 4 hour drive one way from Metro-Detroit.

    Phils is a cool track!

  17. Brian,

    I for one would LOVE to see you roll a 1.299999999  60 foot.

    I'm not saying it can't be done.  I am in agreement it will be very difficult to achieve.


    If you're able to do that and don't over paddle or have the bike fall flat on it's face there won't be an ATV based motor that should be able to touch that until you get into much, much bigger ccs and fuel types.  Wild Thing comes to mind when I hear 1.2 60 foot.


    As does Bad Frog Top Fuel Dragster...LOL.

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