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  1. I got tired of dealing with the key switch, so I ended up bypassing it with the adapter from south Texas banshee, it plugs into your harness. I have an 01, but I believe he makes one for your year as well, one less thing to worry about.
  2. Stock radiator on my 421 cub, +7 timing, high compression build, no issues with cooling at dumont dunes.
  3. I like the 42mm UPP racing rollers, really well built, they also make a good chain slider and guide, I recommend them.
  4. 175-180 degrees, anything over 200 I would shut it down.
  5. Can't go wrong with +4, I'm running +6 on mine, but on race fuel. Not sure on the jetting, but I heard to check your plugs to make sure it's not lean or anything.
  6. I currently have 440 mains, 30 pilots, needle in the middle on my stock cylinder 4 mill, stock carbs, shearer sb, pod filters. 77rwhp, 40rwtq. Everyone says that I'm jetted beyond fat and should be in the 340 range more or less. The afr on the dyno showed that my engine wanted more fuel. Maybe they jetted it fat so that I could be on the safe side? Should I experiment with some 340, 350 mains? Also what would require an engine to have such a fat main jet? It just doesn't make sense that similar setups out there are in the 340 range for the most part.
  7. Originally all I wanted was your stock stroke dune ported setup, shaved head, advanced timing. Your typical 65hp setup on stock carbs. I dropped off my bike at his garage, he said alright I'll have it done soon. I told him to check if I need a new top end and all of that, he calls me a couple of days later and says yeah you don't need a new top end, you're good. I was like ok. So the day comes up that I pick it up, he said I ported your cylinders, milled your head, advanced your timing to +4, I jetted your carbs with a 330 main, I didn't have the pilot jets so I drilled them out to a 28, and the needle is in the middle clip. To make a long ass story short, the cylinders wouldn't fire evenly and the thing had practically no low end power, my top end ended up being shot, also my timing was only at +2 not +4, the head wasn't even cut and rechambered correctly, wrong jetting. Just a lot of mistakes by this guy, also he wasn't willing to stand by his work, so I was like screw him I'm going somewhere else.
  8. I agree with what you have to say about Kevin. I called a few other builders and they all gave me a similar answer to what my problem was. At the end of the day, they were right. Kevin simply said "check timing" "change your premix ratio" "change your spark plugs" "keep playing with the jetting" "make sure your fuel is fresh", etc. circles, circles, circles. Not cool at all.
  9. Pretty much what this guy said. The guy works too fast, and doesn't take the time to do it right. Cuts corners, not the way to build engines if you ask me. Drilling jets, not rebuilding the top end when it clearly needs one, he just puts everything together and sends it out hoping you won't catch the problem. Once I dropped off my bike to allen, the next day he told me what was wrong with it and what needed to be done to make it right. I went with the 4 mill stroker and the thing is running stronger than ever. Hjr is a hit or miss, I'm definitely not taking the risk. I'm glad some of you have had luck with him, It's your hard earned money.
  10. I did read on the shoutbox that someone had problems with his transmissions, but that might have been a joke considering the place where it was said.
  11. Damn dude it all makes sense now. I had a horrible experience with him also. He knew that he messed my shit up, but wouldn't stand behind his work. Ended up going with allen knowles at ct racing. My stock cylinder 4 mill made 77rwhp 40tq on stock carbs. I'm happy with it, plus he's less than 10 miles from my house. He even dyno tuned it and everything for free once it was broken in. If I were to do it all over again though, it would be redline. If I ever upgrade to a cub or serval, it will be Cameron at redline racing that will do it. Hjr was a definite miss for me. I don't recommend him.
  12. i heard it was because the newer banshees came with 20 inch tires vs the older ones came with 22s? Either way everyone on here gears according to power, weight, etc.
  13. I checked my plugs and they were a brown, caramel color all around the white area, not black or anything like that. CT built my motor and set it up. I'll have to double check on the mains because he might have told me they start with a 400 main and then lean them down accordingly. I know a lot of you are going to pick on me now because I mentioned "CT". Lol
  14. Damn I was there on Saturday. I was finishing up my break in for the greater part of the day, you probably saw a black and white banshee in the evening make a few runs when things started dying down. My fatass kept bogging off the line. Lol
  15. On my engine it was low compression and totally off jetting. Got that fixed and it runs way better now. Now my fatass keeps bogging off the line, but that's another chapter.
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