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  1. this is the big dodge manual with all the schematics and codes very comprehensive. cost me 95$ selling for 65bucks shipped. call 408 209 5586 or email me at sanddragon2009@yahoo.com
  2. and TT racers. flat trackers.
  3. the yfz450 frame is dramatically different then a banshee. completely different camber / caster, and leverage ratios on the shocks. I cant imagine that front end handles better then a +2 banshee setup with some yfz shocks. seems like it would have horrible bump steer, and looks like the camber is way off. with no way to adjust it.
  4. +1 on the recommendation for a +4 swinger, thats what i ran on my 60hp 350 and it seemed just perfect! id prob stay away from an 8" unless ur spinning more then 85hp and are only going to drag, and plan to change the shock and or spring.
  5. I have a new set of fireball arms i bought for my yfz decided to go extended with stock shocks for the time being they are new in the box and have candy red powder, almost a perfect match to the red yfz frames. asking 440 shipped for the set. call 408 209 5586
  6. Fireball racing makes an arm for the banshee specifically engineered to work with the yfz shock. I think they are like 399.99 for a set. and you can reuse your spindles and front end simply just changing the shocks.
  7. yes they are, but no sorry i dont have shocks for them, they are standard long travel. 18.5-19.5" shocks.
  8. I have a set of new yfz 450 long travel a arms, they are fireball racing arms brand new with candy red paint. they require a 18.5-19" shock. come with everything to bolt in. new these are 599.99. im asking 425 shipped.
  9. was going to run this on my bike and decided to go with a steel axle instead. brand new in the box never opened. 34" fireball billet axle for banshee. 460 shipped.
  10. I have a set of brand new bare banshee +2+1 A ARMS . new in box never used never mounted. 340$ shipped. call 408 209 5586. will take paypal. <<<<NOTE pic is powdercoated, actual set are Bare metal>>>>>> thanks for looking.
  11. yes they will! and they work awesome! honestly the best setup i have ever run! I am not here to advertise , but fireball racings a plus 2 arm setup for yfz shocks it works awesome! best setup for the dollar. the stock yfzs will also work but you have to adjust the springs preload a bit. with it being a heavy bike they are a great shock far better then the stock setup by far.
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