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7/10mil cub build in so cal.

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^^just make sure he uses a hotrods crank. He's been using his "custom built" cranks that some have had problems with. There's was a dude on here recently who found out the hard way and I think he ended up sending his engine to redline. I'm in San Diego and Herr jugs is about 25 min from my home. I would use him, just make sure you specifiy what parts you want.

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No I found out the hard way, its not what I was expecting to get when I bought his kit. Yes I did get a hot rods crank from redline, thats because if you spend the money on a nice topend you don't want a crank ruining it when the rods break or bend cause of the extra hp. Nothing happened to the crank, your right about that. Kevin did a good job with my motor. I think the best thing you can do is do your research and know what parts are being put in the motor ahead of time. Since you do live that close it may benefit you to have him build it. But I would also call redline to see what he says. That's just my 2 cents

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