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  1. akelly000

    21x11x8 9p extremes and mohawks

    Hey man. U still have the 9 paddle extremes?
  2. akelly000

    89 banshee part out

    How much for the crank?
  3. Descent set of CPI oofs SBSF. Few dings not bad, chrome looks great. Front and rear marvin shaws 14.5
  4. Hey man I want the 34-35 filters if u still have them. Can u text me when u get this if thier still available. Thanks. 918 638 2864

  5. Hey man im in Sandsprings ok. Lets go riding sometime. What do you need for local pick up on the Haulers?

  6. akelly000

    11 paddle Kevlar haulers

    Hey man where are u located in OK? How much for local pickup?
  7. Wish it was Sat.. I'm ready to ride...

  8. akelly000

    Misc Banshee shiney stuff for sale.

    Hey man i need the kick starter lever if u still Have it. U can text me at 918 638 2864
  9. I seen on Craigslist today a new ATV and SIDEXSIDE riding place in Cleveland OK. There's 500 acres of trails to ride, several race tracks, and of course a drag strip. First day open is this Saturday at 9am. It sounds like a hell of a place to ride. Just thought id put the info out there incase any1 here is interested. You can find the info on Craigslist Tulsa under "motorcycles". A buddy and I are goin out there Sat morning. Ill be on my black 4mil my buddy rides a yellow 7mil.
  10. akelly000

    Appalachia Bay/Keystone Dam

    Ok tulsa riders. There's a new spot opening up Sat morning in Cleveland OK. ATV and SIDEXSIDES only! There's 500acres to ride, several dirt tracks, and finally! A drag strip!...come on out there gates open at 9am. U can find out more info on Craigslist Tusla under "motorcycles". It sounds like a good spot to ride versus App Bay and below the Dam..
  11. Hey man how's it goin. Are ur CPI inframes still available? I really want them. Thanx

  12. I'm very interested in the pipes. Call or text me plz. 9186382864.
  13. akelly000

    Cleaning parts out of the garage

    I can do 100$ pick up (I'm in Tulsa ok) on the Toomeys. Text or call 918 638 2864. Thanx
  14. akelly000

    2 sets of CPI's for sell

    I want the Oofs holler at me 9186382864
  15. akelly000


    Sounds good. send pics to either cell # above or here.