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  1. I would NOT let RMS dyno your banshee. No other options if Brindley declined. Maybe I can get you close though. What are your mods?
  2. On my 4 mil HJR motor with 18 cc domes, 180 PSI and Toomeys I ran 310's also. I ran 280-290 on my "bolt on" banshee. I run 100LL in all my motors.
  3. Does anyone know what the transfer port durations are on a 10 mm serval? Thanks.
  4. That's good to know.
  5. Sprinklerman is right... It always cracks me up how a group of guys that love the same sport so much, can be such complete and utter assholes to one another. Must be the safety of a keyboard. I'm convinced, if we all met there would much more civility.
  6. Got any 10 mm cub, race gas charts lying around Loco?
  7. Woe woe woe woe.... back the truck up. This is a news flash!!!! "Snipers need 90+ horsepower uncorrected to be better than Shearer." That would have been nice to know a year ago. So maybe snipers will work better on my 10 cub??? Maybe i should not have ebayed them.
  8. I believe both points have merit. Hugh's point about real world testing is right on. However, Loco's point about conditions not being identical have some creedance as well. That is why I was reluctant to post, and only did so with some coaxing. But consider this loco. Conditions were not identical, however, they were very similar. Now, if i had only gained 1mph on the gun, i would have said it was too close to call for a non same day comparison. However, the gain was too great, and could not have been from a slight advantage from the conditions. 3MPH is a BIG DEAL on this hill guy
  9. You talking about this? http://bansheehq.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=170075&hl=%2Bshee+%2Bbangs Thought you knew.
  10. I am building a 10mm cub right now, but i already have a good deal of time with both pipes and know which one works the best on a 4mm cast cub. I feel confident the results will be the same on a 10mm.
  11. Hi, have you ever sold anything on here before? Just want a little history. Can anyone else vouch for Blazen?a Thanks.
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