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  1. bansheesandrider

    bent frame?

    The non-symetrical bend in the cradle is the way it comes from the factory. Your control arm might be bent and cause the wheels to lean differently, or it might pull to one direction. I've never found frame measurements to see if the frame is bent, I make sure my control arms are not bent, and then check the camber of the front wheels to be close to even and go from there.
  2. bansheesandrider

    clutch fiber thickness?

    I've been running synthetic Klotz MTL in mine for over 20 years and the clutch has never slipped at all! Makes it shift better than anything else I have tried- engine oil, Bel Ray Gearsaver, ATF, Honda trans oil and more.
  3. bansheesandrider


    Painted plastics are for show bikes, not bikes that get ridden. It will look good when you do it, but after a couple rides the plastic will flex and the paint will crack. Then you will fine lines of the plastic color showing and it will really look bad!
  4. bansheesandrider


    Who is this guy? All he is posting is aluminum shit, nothing about Banshees. And it is overseas shit so he is probably spreading spam and malware!
  5. bansheesandrider

    rebuild or dump the machine

    If you have to ask that question, then you should probably dump it. I have always thought that it was better to fix what you have instead of replacing it with someone else's problem, which is what already happened to you. If you fix what you have, then you KNOW what you have. If you spend $450 on a top end and $450 on a crank, then you have a solid engine that you know will live. If you dump it and buy another one , you are gambling on getting something decent. How many time do you want to do that? If you are going to replace it make sure you check out the next one thouroughly- check compression, condition of fluids and levels, proper test ride, look for broken, bent or missing parts, etc.
  6. bansheesandrider

    Reving out on its own

    Are the slides in the carbs correctly? Are the slides hanging up? Did you get the needles aligned with the jet when you installed the slides?
  7. bansheesandrider

    Banshee brake pedal pin and clevis size

    It's definitely not the right thing, Banshees are all metric, there is nothing SAE on them.
  8. bansheesandrider

    Banshee brake pedal pin and clevis size

    Buy the correct parts from Yamaha or your next post will be asking why your brakes don't work correctly! You're going by a crappy picture on Amazon that may or may not be the right thing?
  9. bansheesandrider

    00 Stock banshee fresh rebuild, low compression

    A bone stock Banshee new from Yamaha starts just fine without having to cut the head to raise compression! Your problem is somewhere else and you are trying to Band Aid it. Figure out why it won't start(jetting?) and fix it right.
  10. bansheesandrider

    Mixing Gas

    The stock tank only holds 3.7 gallons, so you are going to have to be almost empty to be able to do that. I would get a smaller size can, like a 2.5 gallon or even a 1 gallon and carry that much premix. I would also bring some extra oil so you can refill the can after you use it.
  11. bansheesandrider

    Head and Tail lights dont work

    You are going to need to do a DC conversion to make LEDs work properly and last. Banshees make AC power. Google Banshee DC conversion to get the info you need.
  12. bansheesandrider

    Clutch trouble. Actuator arm not lining up.

    Did you line up the arrows on the pressure plate with the arrows on the clutch hub? Do you have the ball in between the pushrod and the pancake bearing adjuster? Just past snug is too tight, it should have minimal clearance so you don't weld the ball to the pushrod.
  13. bansheesandrider

    Replacing throttle cable

    Some people should just pay someone else to work on their stuff if they can't look at it and figure it out!
  14. bansheesandrider

    Engine Swap

    DONT PUT A STREETBIKE ENGINE IN AN OFF ROAD MACHINE. It will be faster than hell in a straight line. But it won't turn or jump worth a damn because the weight distribution is all wrong. Sell the R1 motor and use the money to have Redline build and tune your Banshee motor. Then let it warm up properly and maintain it like you should and you won't have problems. I haven't had an engine problem in over 10 years because my Banshees are properly tuned and maintained.
  15. bansheesandrider

    Stumped Big Time

    First thing, when jetting, the bigger the number on the jet the MORE fuel it passes, so bigger number equals RICHER. Second thing, put some OEM electrics back on. I have tried aftermarket stators and CDI units and they cause more problems than they solve. Had a stator that failed in three rides and a CDI that did not last a month. You are better off buying used OEM than buying new aftermarket.