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Anyone have a set of Stock A Arms laying around?

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Looking for a set of stock a arms with good joints and paint in good shape.  I know there has to be tons out there.  also need  stock tie rods.    The banshee my sister bought  has +2 full flight a arms and she doesn’t like the width of them so looking for stock.   The joints on the full flight are in useable shape but I’m not sure what new these felt like so just making sure I don’t mislead someone.  These are black in color and I believe setup for stock shocks (14.5”).  Comes with matching tie rods.  If someone has a good clean oem a arms with the end caps and tie rods id be interested in trading.  I can post pic of a arms if there is interest.  

also does anyone know how to delete a posting?  My wanted add for 2-1 carb kit I was able to find and no need to keep it up, or if a mod can remove it.  Thanks 

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