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I recently tore down my banshee. It had a shifting problem and I fixed the problem with no troubles. Put it all back together, put brand new gaskets and seals on everything and torqued everything to specs. It seems like a fuel issue. The banshee is getting plenty of power to the plugs but they come out dry every time. I'm getting fuel to my carbs because it drains out of the settling bowl after I kick it a few times. It ran right when I took it apart. It almost seems like the reeds aren't opening for some reason. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks

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The reeds looked fine and had good movement when I had them out.

I didn't mess with the carbs whe I had them off because I had cleaned and rejected them 2 weeks prior to the transmission problem.

I haven't done a compression test yet. I was assuming that if the reeds weren't opening that there was a leak somewhere but I didn't know if it were at the reeds or elsewhere. I don't know hardly anything about the compression to begin with.

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