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2005 SE Black 421 ported cub w/ Title

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I'm not 100% sure I'm going to part with it, but I've been kicking the idea around.  It's a titled 2006 located near Cincinnati Ohio.  Basically I built this bike, maybe put 2 hours on it and haven't had time to ride it.  This things is brand new!  The tires still have the nipples on them and it's never even been out other than on grass while testing it out. I will not consider parting it out.  If I sell it, I want to sell it as a whole. I have over $7,500 in this thing and that's with me doing all of my own work.  I'll sell it for the price of what I have it just the aftermarket parts which is $4500.  $4500 is firm, I don't need to sell it, but I hate that it's just sitting on the trailer in the garage.  It's the bike in my signature and you can click on the link to see the build and several pictures.   


-2005 black SE Banshee
-100hp(ish) ported 421 Cub from Jeff at F.A.S.T.
-Fully welded long rod 4mil hotrods crank with TZ bearing from Redline Racing
-35mm PWKs
-UPP Intakes
-Black In-frame Shearers
-V-force 4 reeds
-20x6x10 holeshots (front) 20x10x9 Honda Radials (rear) on black ITP wheels
-Plus 4 Stellar swinger w/ black JJ and A Racing Carrier
-Modded shift star
-Modded shift shaft
-Shift Pro shift kit
-F.A.S.T. clutch
-Black Pro Taper ATV mid fat bars
-Spider grips
-ARP head bolts and nuts
-Adjustable timing plate
-Noss head with custom cut domes from F.A.S.T.
-Tusk extended hubs
-Motion Pro needle bearing clutch lever on a F.A.S.T. perch
-Modquad chain slider kit
-Black powedercoated grille
-Taylor plug wires
-Tusk gas cap
-Hide a key that I designed
-Primary Drive 14/41 Sprockets
-Modquad axle nut
-Fold away shifter
-Headlights and taillight tinted by Jeremy at Mann Made Kustoms
-Swinger painted by Jeremy at Mann Made Kustoms.
-Plastics painted by Jeremy at Mann Made Kustoms.








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It does not run on pump gas.  It runs on 110 octane race gas.  This could be changed by putting different domes in it, but I have race gas on the pump in my town for $7 a gallon, so I didn't mind having the high compression motor.  I do not want to mess with crating and shipping it.  Thanks for your interested. 

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what race gas do you have at the pump and where? 

i have some turbo blue local to me that a family friend owns (I grew up with the daughter).


It's Turbo Blue.  It's at the Marathon gas station in downtown Lebanon.  It used to be a Cam 2 pump, but a few years ago they switched it to Turbo Blue.  



6 Cincinnati Ave

Lebanon, OH 45036

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Nice, I can get mine from Wichard Oil in Bethel.


It's getting hard to find.  I'll have to keep that in mind!  The wife doesn't want me to sell the Banshee, but I just hate seeing it sit.  Plus, I bought a new toy last week that will put the Banshee even further down the list of toys that I have time for.  I've got a sponsor for it and I have just a few months to get it built for Cavalcade of Customs this winter.  It's going in their booth at the show.  So yea, no time for the Banshee at all now.  Here's the newest toy....



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the jeep is going to be at cavalcade?


who is the sponsor and what is the plans for it?

Yea. It'll be in the show. It's being sponsored by Source One Automotive. The plan is to suspension lift it 4", 37s on black 17s, bumpers, winch, flat fenders, gears and more.



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will you be at the show, if so, might have to actually go this year.



Yea, I'll be there.  I try to go every year.  It's always nice to have something to get your mind off of the fact that it's the dead of winter outside.  HA

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Yes, it's still for sale.  I'll come on here and say it's sold if it sells.  I haven't been actively trying to sell it, but I have been thinking about it.  I hate that it just sits in the garage.  I wish I had time to ride it, but I just don't.  IM me if you're interested and it'll send me an email so I know you're interested.  Thanks!

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