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36mm smart carbs

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Just kinda feeling around. Money's not really comin around like I hoped. An don't feel like dumpin anymore change on my banshee for a while. Would really like to buy an engagement ring for the missis/baby momma. She deserves it for how many times we've skimped by with hardly any food cause I've had to buy somethin else to make my junk work. I think it's time for a change. So here it is.


2 36mm billet smartcarbs. Factory q11 metering rods. Replaced the tipover valves with barb fittings supplied by apt, so they'ed fit side by side. Still have the original boxes. Both manuals, and all 4 stickers. Lol. Probably have anywhere between 10-20 tanks of fuel run through them. Didn't have any problems from the carbs themselves. Just never got the tune spot on.. I believe they're simply just too big for my setup..

Also have 2 seperate billet intakes with the mikuni boots, an k&n style pod filters with outerwears. Outerwears have a few tears from hittin the exhaust. One filter hit a little bit, but didn't go through.


To run these you'll need a cable an throttle housing with more throw. I used a terry cable with a moose throttle an got them to open all the way.


$1,000 dollars plus shipping.

















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Thought about it.. But the dirtbike guys probably want the "tip over" valves on.. It's alright. Tryin to sell a purple 400ex too.. So these might just end up on a shelf till I can pony up for a bigger setup.



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