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Indiana XC Racing 2014


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I plan on racing the IXCR (Indiana cross country racing), and MWXC (midwest cross country) Series this year. I am gonna use this thread to post pics and info throughout the year. Figured it would be something to have in the thread since the XC/Hare Scramble Forum is pretty dead.

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Mod list on the R:


86' trx250r
ESR 310 engine with TRX 11 porting and polished. 
ESR head. Running VP C12
ESR over sized intake
V Force 3 reed cage
Hinson clutch basket.
Mikuni TMX 38mm carb
Paul Turner pipe and fatboy silencer 
CFM performance aluminum air box
K&N air filter with outerwears
Tag handle bars with Renthal grips
Houser steering stem
Denton steering stabilizer
Houser swing arm-1988/1989 length
Full flight a-arms +2+1
RPM Dominator 2 rear axle; RPM axle nut
Lone Star rear carrier
ITP T-9 baja rims
PEP remote reservoir front shocks with PEP shockwears
Works Quad Star remote reservoir rear shock
AC Racing bumper
AC Racing Pro Peg nerf bars
Armadillo skid plates
T.M. Designs thumb throttle 
Streamline stainless steel brake lines
OMF radiator air shrouds
OMF radiator guard
MAIER plastic 
FX gripper seat cover
Pro Design shifter
Nissin front calipers, spindles and hubs
D.I.D. chain and Sunstar sprockets
Pro Design tether switch

IMS Fuel Tank
Polished engine cases
Motion Pro ATV extreme adjustable cables

GBC XC Master tires front and rear

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I see a muddy race in your forecast. 


Super nice R. 

 Thanks man. And yea unfortunately i see a muddy one as well. Rained here last night and supposed to rain some more tomorrow. Sunday is supposed to be a nice day for racing tho. 65 and sunny. Not looking forward to the rain but I will take it muddy and warm over cold any day.  

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Do you have a film canister for your goggles?

I run tear offs on my googles. And when I run out of tear offs I have an extra set of goggles in my pit with tear offs on them as well. If I need them I slow down by my pit and my buddies help me with the exchange and while I'm out they reline my original goggles in case I need to swap again



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How did you do?


Had a rough day. Track was extremely rutted up due to the rain the few days before and bikes going out before us. Track was very tight and rough. Had great weather the day of the race tho. Quad ran good and got a lot of attention. I was running pretty good until lap 3. I passed someone transitioning from an wfo field section of about 200 Yds going back into the woods. As you come into the woods there was a log across the track that you had to jump up and over. As the rear of my quad was coming down over the log it hooked on the front of the quad behind me that was going up causing by quad to flip over frontwards. I didnt get clear of the quad in time and got crushed under my quad and the quad behind me. Ended on lap 3 with a dislocated knee. Got x-rays today and came back nothing broken, hopefully with the drugs she provided we can get the swelling down so that I am able to bend my leg again for the next race in a couple weeks. If it doesn't improve by next week we have to go back for an MRI to make sure I didnt tear anything. As of right now it appears the pain is just from the inflammation and water on my knee from the dislocation. Should be good to go in a couple weeks just in time. 

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What a fucking experience. Now THAT is a good race story. Get a gopro and start posting some videos. Do you feel like the cut front fenders caused you to get unnecessarily muddy?

I have ran cut fenders on most of my quads so I'm used to it. On my R they don't get you very muddy at all since it sits wider and the position I sit on my quad. I like running cut fenders because they allow me to see obstacles and my front tires much easier to maneuver around things. Some people don't prefer them but I do. Out of 3 laps I only used 3 tear offs, and those were do to the start and following others closely.



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