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Complete 4mill longrod drag engine

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03 Banshee engine

All engine work has been performed by LDR Machine out of Berwick Maine, By Larry himself.

4mill long rod Hot rods Crankshaft, disassembled fall of 2010, crank was welded and trued at this time. By LDR Machine

Full Drag port By Larry, Cyls down, running a 2mm head gasket.

Wiseco Pro Lites 65.5mm bore

Pro Design Cool head with I believe 21cc domes, I will call and verify for serious inquires.

Reed spacers

Vforce 3 Reeds

Pro design billet intake with boost bottle

Keihn 35mm Pwk carbs (No Filters Was running K&N from my other engine) Jetting is for 300ft dirt needs to be fattened up if plan on running for extended periods of time

Aftermarket Cdi 2 years old not used when i ran motor, used my 01 cdi

Vitos Performance clutch 1 year old to my knowledge NO SLIPPING

Override Tranny 1-5

Shift forks were changed out every year when raced

CPI SB OOF both sides with built in spark arrestors chrome. Both in good shape couple little dings on underside don't effect performance. chrome is good

Billet shifter

Billet kickstart Blue

15 tooth countershaft sprocket

amsoil 10w40 in tranny and Interceptor in premix


I bought engine off of original owner last spring, sat on my bench until mid august when it got put into my bike. I have under 2 hours of time on engine including idle time. Engine was in a 245lb chassis with wheelie bar included in weight with 200+lb rider. Running 4.43-4.44 consistent in 300ft. Hard Running motor, Was Running a 22inch paddle with 15-41 gearing. I have no use for this engine at the moment do not plan on dragging anytime soon so would like to see it used somewhere else.


Issues - This spring i was all anxious to hear the engine start up so i went and got a gal of 91 octane to get it going, I know I know dumb decision but did it anyway. Anyways after about 5mins of running had it going up my road and noticed it overheating. Shut off rolled it into garage. Ended up blowing out an o ring on the head and made a little divot in the top of the right piston from minor Deto. I have yet to pull of Jug but from looking up through exhaust port no damage has been done to the cylinder walls. Still riding on the rings. Lost maybe 10lbs compression, but does still run. Will need an o ring kit, could use a piston but not absolutly neccessary to run. Left side is 100%. Case does have typical chain wack, does not leak or effect engine in anyway.


Im looking to get $1900 as is with everything included in the sale. Solid Motor will not be disappointed. I have engine builders phone # on hand for serious inquires. I am located in Sanford, Maine

Thanks for looking any interest please pm.




PS. Can take pics and load onto photobucket but no camera available at the moment will asap. Looks like a banshee engine lol


http://www.ldrmachine.com/Home.html website

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