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will there be any difference?

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Im modding my dads banshee out because hes going to a polaris rzr 900 so he told me its mine, so far it has pc pipes, wiseco pistons, vf3 reeds, cool head 21cc domes, +4 timing. I bought pods and am thinking of going to 28mm carbs, will i notice any difference from a stock airbox with stock carbs? Or did i waste my money?

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i simply said, that i run a pod on my shee with an outerwear and i haven't had an issue yet. that doesn't mean someone else might have one.

Sorry about that zilla. I miss took what you said. But my trails arent swampy. Theyre like well roads and nice pipelines. I have no worrys about my pods.

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wait on the carbs and i wouldn't even throw pods on until you have bigger carbs, since your gonna have to buy them for that size anyways. Lid off with a k&n is fine for you now. Shouldn't have a prob with the pods getting wet anyways just to add my .2 cents. If your riding within your capabilities you won't be wfo into a mudhole. Like said before save up and either do a 4mill or port the stock stroke cyls. then get carbs.

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