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  1. does anyone one have ideas, to busy with work to find the time to rebuild. Should I ship the engine and carbs out for a rebuild somewhere?
  2. Looking to find a shop to rebuild the motor, got sand castle inside the motor last time I had it out. Have all ready striped everything down, don't have the time to rebuild my self
  3. did you sell just the arms, are the shocks still for sale?
  4. I'll give it a try, doesn't look to complicated, hopefully I didn't ruin the crank.
  5. K & N filter fell off as Pismo Beach, got a lot of sand inside the motor. Took the top end apart today, visual signs of sand. Wondering if the crank is still good?
  6. Would the PWK 28 run better? What the different in the stock size? Do you have the jets for it? NOB over here
  7. Will the carbs make a difference, I have a mild port. running stock carbs
  8. Looks to get the case spilt and case, due to air filter falling off, and sucking sand in through the carb. Wondering if anyone knew of good repair shows in the Austin/Dallas area of Texas?
  9. Interested could you email me, Bennett1042@gmail.com been looking for a swing arm
  10. are they still available, do you happen to live in California?
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