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  1. Looking for.. 8plate billet inner hub Tranny countershaft
  2. These pipes will only fit 10+DM with the bigger of the 2 flanges 52mm (not cub cheetah twister or stock cylinders)
  3. You need you sell the boats and get back in to drag racing.(real man's sport)
  4. I can't swim and I'm omost sure boats cost just about the sane as a p.o.s drag bike
  5. Hey you donkey Dick.I missed you at the last shit hole holiday events 503 871 6893 I got a new number.for some reason it won't let me upload pics no matter what I'm geting pissed.
  6. Text or call meet for pics and info I cant upload pictures 503 971 6893 Chris Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  7. Top photos in 2013 Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  8. For sale a set of like new only a few hours of run time shearer big bore big flange dm pipes.I just went a differnt route absolutely nothing wrong with this pipe at all.I had them cerakoted titanium color looks good.they are for the bigger dm cylinders 52mm flanges a big 10mil and up.paid $700 with coating will let go for $450+ride or trade for banshee drag parts (billet 2nd gear)(billet cases for dm preferably 10mill+ $ on my side)(12in spindle mounts) (dynatek coil and cdi 1997 and newer) Any questions text or call 503 871 6893 $450+shipping
  9. I'm looking to trade my shearer big bore large 52mm/2in flange both out left side for shearer or hand coned big bore 52mm flange ( one out each side) Or sell for $475 Looking to buy if you don't want to trade let me know what you have I will text pictures if interested and let me know what you have for sale or trade 503 871 6893 Chris thanks
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