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    2001 banshee Athena 392 big bore kit , stage 4 pipes , stock air filter <br />

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  1. If you would have actually read the post you would have seen where I said I tried new plugs.
  2. Again as I just stated I tried new plus already , I got 10 packs of plugs so yea obviously I did. I think it's the threads in my domes that are messed up .
  3. No where else on the motor is leaking besides them damn spark plugs. Crazy
  4. They looked fine , but I'm thinking it might be the domes messed up but not to sure, I tightened them what looks like as far as it'll go before breaking an it still leaks so either the Teflon tape works or might have to get new domes cut but thanks
  5. Tried new plugs , Imma try the Teflon type an see if it's stilll doing it. Surprised cause the washer should seal it up
  6. So I fount I have an air leak coming from my threads in my domes an the spark plugs are tightened to spec , any suggestions ?
  7. Like the title says any body got any of this?
  8. Since you don't want to ship an stuff , contact redline or fast an get a whole Topend from them an crank that way it will just be one way shipping.
  9. Athena cylinders are race ready out the box for stock stroke. You want power that athena won't give you. Go buy a 10 mil crank an cheetah cylinders. That will blow past the competetion !
  10. Alright just let me know an thanks sprinklerman
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