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  1. Bet my 4 mil st cyl would beat that ass drag or dune
  2. jayhawkatv

    13' shocks

    Lookin b for front and rear 13 in shocks. Dont have to be top of the line as they will be reworked for my ziggy chassis for the dunes.
  3. Yes you can test right afterwards. I tested it right afterwards and it passed. Could have gotten lucky though
  4. Just as the title says, in need of MIKUNI alky carbs 35.5 perferably.
  5. I have bought and sold with rob rob and so have my buddies. Everything has went unbelievably smooth. He is one of the few honest ppl left that buys and sells.
  6. I could text somebody pics of them if they would put them up on here. Then ppl could see them.
  7. Yeah I have radiator shroud and tank plastic.its a full set. I figured I could get 300 no problem
  8. 02 stock plastics un cut besides to allow for cpi inframes. Black fronts, white rears. I dont have pics but they are in really good shape. All I want is a estimate. I have a guy interested in purchasing.
  9. I was browsing tne sponsor list which I haven't done in a long time. I noticed alot of new sponsors and noticed alot of the old familiar names were no longer there like passion(obviously) wheelman, her jugs. What other sponsors have got the boot or havent reupped in the last couple yrs.
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