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  1. Sean called me up yesterday, and as of today I have almost all the $$$ he owes me. He is doing much better but I'll leave that part up to him. So there was a good outcome to this story.
  2. Or those spring stretcher things they sell at the ghetto auto parts stores
  3. Lol yup. My taxes go to help pay for some asshole to sit around in their section 8 house smoking weed all day, and driving around selling crack out of their base model Chrysler 300 with 30" rims
  4. Im guessing it's the same Honda one? I'll bet my parts paid for the new motor that thing needed, among the 2 trips he took with his wife, and whatever massive amount of drugs he did to end up in the hospital
  5. I'm in florida. I'm not going to spend more money to go back to nyc to go to his house, when he prob shorted or shot all my money up his arm. That would be kind of stupid, don't you think?
  6. This kid's phone is still on, but he won't answer. If anyone wants to try, or swing by his crib, (347) 538-5510 Sean Keenan 2517 Tenbroeck ave Bronx NY 10469
  7. No Larry that would involve taking a trip back to nyc, which is not worth it
  8. Every time I have tried to help someone who is all fucked up fiending out I have always gotten fucked over. I'm not doing it ever again.
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