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    black with CPI's ,vforce 3 reeds, 30mm OKO carbs K&N pods, Noss head 21cc domes,+4 swinger,wicked +2 up 1 arms works tripple rate with rezzy's, tusk clutch heavy duty springs, adjustable timing plate +4, "SHEES PRETTY FAST"

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  1. Same ol Loco... Likes to keep things interesting! How you been Loco?
  2. SOLD...thanks for making it easy, let me know if there's any problems..at post office now.
  3. I couldn't find any pm in my profile, but I haven't been on in a while so things may have changed. Can anyone tell me where to look for my messages.
  4. Hey Travis how you been? Sure miss riding with you guys, starting to get a bit out of shape with no bike. You still tearing it up, same bike?
  5. Hows everyone doing? I haven't been on in a while and still have yet to find another bike. Anyways I have a bunch of miscilaneous... and I can't find my spell check! lol Im selling all together as one lump sum. Oh and the bearing carrier isn't in pics, found afterwards. AXLE BEARING CARRIER has bearings in it but prolly need changed BRAND NEW IN PACKAGE..ALL BALLS REAR AXLE BEARINGS & SEALS BRAND NEW REAR SPROCKET 40 T PRIMARY DRIVE BRAND NEW FLYWHEEL PULLER BRAND NEW FRONT BRAKE PADS BOTH SIDES AND A USED SET FOR BACK..emergencies lol 2 SETS OF LIGHTS=4 TOTAL 2 COMPLETLY TOGETHER & 2 DISASSEMBLED THE ROCK GUARDS ARE NEW...FLAT PLUG STYLE 2 BLOODSHOT MEAN EYES LIGHT COVERS 14 TOOTH FRONT SPROCKET EXCELLENT PAIR OF CARB BOOTS 1 SHIFT ROD IN EXCELLENT SHAPE ALL THERE 2 SPRINGS FOR SHIFT AREA, NEW ONE IN PACKAGE PART# 90508-29728 AND ANOTHER THAT LOOKS NEW sorry been a while since ive been in one, not sure. 1 GOOD SHIFT STAR ANOTHER.. PART# 90383-12022 SPACER? 3 FACTORY CLUTCH SPRINGS AND 3 RACE STIFF GAS CAP REAR RESIVOIR CAP AXLE NUT & SPACER spacer may have gone with a durablue axle CLUTCH LEVER & PERCH..STOCK NEW PART# 90149-08256 ESSENTRIC SCREW MAYBE?? 2 LARGE ORINGS FOR BIG BORE PIPES 2 KEY RELOCATE BRACKETS, NEW MISCILANEOUS....3 STOCK REEDS, STOCK REAR BRAKELINE & COUPLE BRASS WASHERS, PLUGBOOTS A lot of stock items but just the lights alone 1 pair may go for 75 on ebay same with the bearing carrier, WILL NOT SEPERATE, ONE LUMP SUM 100.00 ...plus shipping, I think it will be about $12 packed into 1 USPS box, anywhere in the states
  6. Welcome!! You'll like it here, really good people for the most part.....j/k really they are. Sold mine last year but thinking seriously about getting another real soon so I can ride with my boy, oh and the HQ.
  7. Don't rush it, but im sure there's going to be a few more rides coming...Badlands & Haspins.
  8. Looked like a fun time as always and those were some good videos as well. Sheerider you're bike sounded great and looked like it was running great as well. What did u do with your 250r? I thought u crossed over to the underside. I also liked the looks of the 98, who evers bike that is...it really stood out, especially when coming out the hole. I hope to be back out there with u guys again pretty soon.
  9. has not set their status

  10. Get plenty of pics and video, and don't follow twitchy eye to close thru the trails.
  11. BADLANDS 3/7/2009 Be there if U got what it takes, lol.....A BLAST!! Back to the FUTURE.
  12. Good question Dave, I spaced that one!
  13. Stock carrier in good shape with bearings that was good when I took it off, and have brand new bearings for it $65 shipped.
  14. I always used it in my bikes and I switched from Klotz, really clean burning.
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