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    well my bike is my passion..like hunting,fishing,camping ohh and RACING!!

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    a lil 397 cub ported by no other (Nate Mccoy) sittin in an 89 inch wheel based ohton chassie!!

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  1. Refunded his money..and was on the phone with pay pal they told me 2 days after he added the funds in my account he filed a dispute.paypal apologized many times to me because they knew he didn't give sufficient time for shipping just wanna give others a heads up
  2. I just wished u would of give me till Friday like I said I was gonna pay u back by then but the deeds done now all will b good soon
  3. It's my fault as well I just want it over ill give you your money back that's no problem but this thread did hurt my rep..rather u wanna c it or not but Owell hope it'll b ok the last thing I read was u was stopping shipping so I didn't ship the parts I'm not working today as why I'm on here today
  4. y do you want my phone number for? if you looked hard enough you would of found it! ya no need to drag this out but ya know what now my names in this section go figure..thats ok im done playing kids games maybe ill just askTyler to delete it and remove me from this site..oohhh and just for kicks ive been dealing on here for many years with no bad feed back till i came across you and yes i too have spent and sold thousands on here over the years...wow what a bad deal this was..im wondering if you thought it wasto good to b true to get such a great deal on the stuff i had for salei mean 1000.00 for hs custom fibers with the paint on them prolly..owell enough said and yes you will get your money back as i am not a thief nor do i like beeing called one
  5. because i only had it for two day and went to work (after beeing off all winter)..I told him that he. textin me the first day i got the money saying he wants his money back and he was stopping shipping on pipes thats why i didnt ship the plastic ( seemed like i was getting ripped off)first i took the trade for the pipes because he said it would help him out i wanted the money not some shearer pipes and we didnt even discuss the helmet but i was gonna ship it to .ya he asked in my post helmet to i said sure but we never discussed it im not gonna give it to him.all that was discussed was the plastic. i pmed him about how hard it was to wrap the fibers and he said ill bet the helmet dont help either i didnt even know it was going with the plastic. i got home from work yesterday only to find a my paypal in the negative this guy is verry anxius.ive been on this site selling trading and buying with no issues now this deal makes me look bad guess its time to get off the net with the kids!
  6. pm sent and what are you looking for in a bike ?do you want one set up for mx or drags?
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