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  1. You are probably right about wasting my time..It's frustrating to watch someone ignore honestly helpful info but oh well...I have done a twin turbo 383 small block chevy, turbo LS1, and a turbo 'busa. I am debating on starting a turbo banshee right now. I now turbos are a handful without the two stroke factor already lol I am thinking about starting one after reading this thread however..what turbo do you recommend for a mild build..I'm thinking about something that will work with stock trans and cases..
  2. Updates? I have a lot of knowledge in turbos and I can tell you that whether you like it or not you would benefit greatly from running a plenum and a 2 into 1 pipe. I don't know why you think you wouldn't benefit from it. You are having issues and you won't take advice from people on here that know what they are talking about. You might get it to run with your setup but it will never run at its full potential. I am all for someone doing things on there own and I support you 100%. I'm just saying take some advice from people that have done this before. Hope it's going good.
  3. That looks great man..i have had really good luck with McGuires PlastX. But it looks like you are doing fine with what you are doing. Props on saving yourself some money.
  4. Jeff @ F.A.S.T. Racing has my vote. Kevin is also good from what I have heard. Jeff did my stock cylinders..I had him do my porting and I couldn't be happier. He is extremely helpful and always goes that extra mile. I sent him my jugs once to have them bored and he even did a couple of "new tricks" to my porting at no charge! My gasser runs like a stroker on alcohol. I would go back to him a million times over.
  5. Take them back apart and make sure the floats are set. Also if you put new plugs in make sure they are gapped right. I have seen my brothers banshee run like hell on one cylinder because one of his plugs was gapped @ .011 and the other @ .030..it smoked on one side and cracked and popped on the other..
  6. Mine did the exact same thing when the impeller melted. Billet impeller is one of the best things I have done to my bike. I would replace it now if I were you with a billet one whether its bad or not.
  7. I just raced my buddies ported and piped '06 CR250 (which will eat a 450). We were on pavement, he got the launch and I flew by him like he was sitting still about 40ft into the race and I pulled him hard the entire time. I'm running a stock cyl 350 with full drag porting, cpi inframes, and stock carbs. You wont have to worry if you race where you can hook up.
  8. Will you do 425 shipped? I live in oklahoma as well.
  9. I haven't messed with my banshee in about two years now..this is actually the first time I have been on BHQ in about 3 Years!! I have had a rough few last years with work and starting a family but last weekend I had a $1000 bucks to blow so I uncovered the old banshee and started it up..best feeling in the world! I ordered some new parts to freshen it all up and then I got back on here and it's like nothing has changed! Still the same old banshee loving group!! Great to be back on here! Long live the greatest bike ever made!!!!!!!!!!
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