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  1. I bought a banshee that I'm rebuilding and I noticed that the pin for sixth gear has been shaved/ground off of the shift star. Other than that it appears to be a completely stock shift star(its steel not billet and the lobes aren't rounded off). For some reason I didn't notice the shift star until now, so the cases are already together. I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary with the shift drum and gears, but I didn't think to compare them to an OEM. From what I've found so far most override tranny mods have the channels in the drum machined wider in certain spots, and there wasn't any o
  2. Thanks, definitely will look into that one. So if I get a billet basket, do I need to upgrade the pressure plate as well or do the stock ones work ok?
  3. Yeah, mine's got the stock basket with the rivets on the back... Looking a bit closer it looks like it had been run on the bad cushions for a while since there's some pretty severe deformation of the basket/hub where the plates were slamming into them. Anyone know of a good kit that has a basket hub and plates, or will I need to get them separately? I was thinking of going with Tusk competition plates and hd springs from Rocky Mountain ATV, but if I could get everything in a set I'd probably do that.
  4. So yesterday I bought a 2003 Banshee on OfferUp for a steal. The guy bought it from his brother in law who built it and from the looks of it put several thousand into it. After using it only a handful of times, he got too busy and it sat in his garage for 2-3 years. It's got a Coolhead, full Toomey T5 exhaust, extended swingarm, custom billet clutch and stator covers, hot rods, ported cylinders, extended radiator, adjustable billet stator plate, and a few other things I think. It's been bored somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.5mm over stock as near as I can tell, I haven't been able to measur
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