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  1. The Banshee is no longer FOR SALE ! Please ignore the post and if possible please delete the post. Thanks.....
  2. If interested pm me with any questions. Willing to ship at buyers shipping arrangement and expense. THANKS FOR LOOKING!!
  3. Pictures! Pictures with PT pipes and silencers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. First off I would like to apologize for the really long post. Good evening Banshee HQ member’s, I’m looking to sell my Black 2004 Yamaha Banshee LE that’s nothing but a huge paper weight to me living here in Southern California. Information below explains why its a huge paper weight.The Banshee is in excellent condition and well maintained and always stored inside.Its in excellent running,riding and mechanical condition. It always started on the first kick cold or hot every time. The clutch works flawlessly. There are no fluid or oil leaks as well.The key and headlight/kill switch has been deleted. As for the engine and transmission either has never been apart. I’ve done a leak down test and it was good and I also did a compression test with the engine cold at 140psi and another at 150psi with the engine at normal operating temperature. I just flushed & changed the coolant and refilled it with engine ice. It has 4 brand new Kenda Klaw XC tires 21-7x10 up front and 20-10x9 on the Rear. I also just changed trans fluid with belray gear saver 80wt. The front and rear brake pad are brand new. Plastics are in good condition 8 out of 10 and no tears in the seat either. Frame is straight w/o any broken tabs or stripped bolt holes. All bearings are tight and nothing worn out and loose. Not even the kick start. It doesn’t make the infamous rattling noise. Pictures are below. The price will be listed below. The Good part !! Black 04 Yamaha Banshee LE **PTR Mid Range Pipes W/ Fatboy 2 Silencers, Brand New Silencer Cores and Packing, Genuine Keihin 28mm PWK’s, Pro Design Pro Flow Intake w/ K&N Filter & Outerwear, Brand New Kenda Klaw Tires, Brand New Alba BLK Front Bumper, Brand New BLK Tusk Nerf Bars, Brand New Tusk Case Saver Brand New Black TM Designworks Swingarm Guide, U/L Chain Rollers, Rear Chain Guide, Primary Drive HD O-Ring Chain & Sprockets @ 15 F / 40 R,Brand New Black Banshee Bend Renthal Handlebars & Firm Renthal Grips, MSR AOF Clutch Lever. Now onto the BAD part ** SO PLEASE READ ALL THE INFORMATION BEFORE INQUIRING** I received the Banshee from a friend 5 years ago as collateral to bail him out of jail at the time because he didn’t have the money for bail. Well his bail got revoked because he violated his terms of release. So now he’s incarcerated for 25+ years. So now I own the banshee but now the bad part is that when I lived in New Jersey it was ok to own it because in NJ there was no problem riding it. Then I moved from NJ and now I’m living in Southern California which requires you to register your atv to ride it on state land or anywhere in Ca. The problem is I don’t have a title for it and according to the Ca dmv there is a lien on the title from Yamaha Financial and they still hold the title until it’s paid off. I called yamaha financial and they will not tell me anything about it either and the dealership he purchased from in NJ is no longer in business. So I will only sell it to anyone knowing that its non-registerable in the state of California and is being sold AS IS with notarized bill of sale. I’m having it shipped back to New Jersey after Thanksgiving because its a waste just sitting here in California unless I just part it out. I’m asking $3,000 firm w/ PT pipes and silencers. $2,500 firm w/ Stock pipes and silencers. Pictures are both with stock pipes and silencers and with PT pipes and silencers. PICTURES ARE IN 2nd POST. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I’m ISO of some opinions on some local Powder Coating Companies in the San Diego area that does really good work. I did a google search and found a few but I want to see if anyone here has any good recommendations in this area. Thanks.
  6. * Banshee Stuff FOR SALE * Excellent buyer, Fast Payment and Transaction went smooth and easy!  Thanks Ben.
  7. ** Elka Dual Rate Banshee Rear Shock ** Excellent buyer, Fast Payment and Transaction went smooth and easy! Thanks David.
  8. Give me a couple of days I’m going through some stuff and I will see what I have to put up for sale here. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I have a few things that were just sitting around in a box on the shelf. I will sell items individually or in a complete lot. Everything is in good, clean working order. $135 with Shipping If bought in complete lot. Individual purchases DO NOT include shipping unless multiple items are purchased. Description with individual price with each photo. PM me with any questions and Thanks for looking! Tusk Billet Gas Cap $15.00 Lone Star Racing Brake Block Off Plate $10.00 V-Force 2 Reed Valve W/ F.A.S.T Racing Gasket Kit. Good Pedals $50.00 B.N SRP Brake Line Clamps $30.00 ( For Both Sets ) Stock Banshee Carbs W/ TORS Removed and idle Screws installed. Both Carbs were Completely Cleaned and Rebuilt with K&L Carb Rebuilt Kit. Carbs Come with extra Jets and Needles. Carb are set at stock jetting and will have to be adjusted to your mods and elevation. ** Carbs don’t have cable adjusters screws** $50.00 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Does anyone know if NYUK ( John ) still sells parts or did he retire from doing everything? And move from riding Banshees to a jazzy chair?
  11. What you are going to have to do is disconnect the fuel lines from the carbs and stick each one of the fuel lines in a old water bottle and set them lower then the fuel Shut off valve and check the flow rate on both on position and in reserve position and if the fuel flow fine then what you have to do is remove both carbs from the intake boots and air box boots and hook the fuel lines back up to the carbs and remove the carb bowls ( make sure you mark what bowl came off of what carb) now get a bucket or a plastic ice cream container and take the carbs and hold them over the container and the turn the fuel on and with the bowls off the fuel should flow and then switch to reserve and see if the fuel still flows and with the fuel still on push on the floats up towards the carbs on both carbs to see if the fuel stops.
  12. Ok, You can give this a try. Get yourself a spray bottle and put some of your premixed fuel you use and put it in the spray bottle and remove the filter or filters and hold the throttle wide open and spray into The carbs and then release the throttle and then try kicking it over and see if that works.
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