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  1. dezracr

    What jets are you using? Fill out this form...

    1) What type of aftermarket exhaust do you have? fmf gnarly power core 2 2) What type of airfilter do you have? pro desiegn 3) Are you a)running a stock airbox with lid stock airbox with NO lid c) Stock airbox with vents d) no airbox at all stock airbod with billit adapter and lid no snorkel 4) What is your elevation? (If you don't know, go here: http://www.topozone.com ) 5500 5) What size pilot jets are you using? 25 6) What size main jets are you using? 220 7) What temperature is your Banshee jetted for? 80-100 8) Do you have a port job? no 9) What kind of carbs? stock, tors eliminated 10) What size carbs? stock Thanks!
  2. what was your jetting? im running gnarley's with power core 2 260 mains, 27.5 pilots 2 turns out on air screw but im at 5,000 feet elevation I do have a sputter like lower mid range that seems to get worse when its rough im not sure why
  3. dezracr

    Cylinder lettering

    Any recommendations I can get Oem or Athena
  4. dezracr

    Cylinder lettering

    Cool knock off cylinders made by the lowest bidder in Taiwan I love it... gonna order up some factory cylinders and pistons when I get too work tomorrow
  5. dezracr

    Jetting help (startpoint)

    Ok I went down to 260 mains middle clip on needle and I tryed to order 25 pilots but they were wrong so I guess I have to get them from Yamaha direct. Side not she will start on first kick now and actually runs in both cylinders now th right side was cutting out really bad. I’m 1 1/2 turns out on air screw I also repacked the t-5 silencers my pipes sound like shit like there cracked my fmf pipes sound way better Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. dezracr

    Cylinder lettering

    crazy huh Iv seen the AP on another banshee on you tube I don't remember what video it was though
  7. dezracr

    Cylinder lettering

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. dezracr

    Cylinder lettering

    I cant get any pics to load of the cylinders
  9. dezracr

    Cylinder lettering

    ill get a pic loaded up when I get home, I think there stock but I don't remember seeing the Yamaha part numbers on the side like 2GU- or 3GG-, dealer cost on the cylinder is 348$ I think if I ever have an issue with the top end ill just use all factory Yamaha parts
  10. dezracr

    Cylinder lettering

    Haha great
  11. What does AP on the side of my cylinders mean? There molded in at the rear by the reedblock
  12. dezracr

    From the factory models

    iv had an 01 white and black, an 06 blue and a 98 white and blue
  13. dezracr

    Jetting help (startpoint)

    I have fmf gnarley's with pro design billet air filter mount and pro design air filter with the stock lid no snorkel and holes in it, im at 5000 foot elevation, what jetting do you guys think I should be running? I called fmf they said for sea level 160 main 30 pilot, stock needle in third groove and 1.5 turns out on air screw, im at 180 main, 27.5 pilot, 5n7 needle im not sure if its stock, in the middle position and 2 turns out, I think its getting too much fuel and it feels like its sputtering or feels like a rev limiter when I rev it hard on really long straits.. I was thinking about running 170 main and 27.5 pilot and 1 3/4 out on air screw its been 80-85 in the mornings with the highs at 105 im In central az in the mountains at 5000 feet