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  1. broke350

    FS: 2013 Raptor 700

    I love it. It's my 2nd 700, but I just don't ride anymore. Was at the dunes during the fall hq ride, but just ended up taking the trucks out. I think I've only been out on the quad twice this year. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  2. broke350

    2019 BansheeHQ Ride Live Thread

    We're down here this weekend with our 4x4 club. No banshee though. If we see ya, we'll come say hi Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  3. broke350

    T.M. Designworks case saver

    Sold Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  4. Black, still brand new in package. $40.00 shipped to lower 48. Link for reference: https://www.motosport.com/product?adpos=1o1&cc=us&creative=281128749059&device=c&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-9TL6-fF4QIVjlmGCh2FkQ9mEAQYASABEgIUWPD_BwE&key=TM-Designworks-Case-Saver&matchtype=&mmy=yamaha;banshee;2006&mmy_source=pdp&mrkgadid=3301756465&mrkgcl=500&network=g&product_id=TDW0005-X003-Y016&pssource=true&rkg_id=0&segment=badger&variant[TDW0005]=TDW0005-X001-Y001
  5. broke350

    OEM Repro Graphics?

    Got mine installed today. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  6. broke350

    My 2018 setup

    I didn't have any problems with my Mull impeller, but my buddy did. Turned out the bearing wasn't all the way seated. Just had to tap it in a little further and it spun freely.
  7. Pull off the airbox and inspect both slides. My buddy had the same issue and one of the carb slides wasn't all the way down right after he did a carb cleaning. He didn't get the needle all the way down and just screwed the top on the carb. Was hard to start and when it finally would start, it revved to the moon because one carb was at wide open throttle. Sometimes it's that simple especially if the guy "just went through the carbs"
  8. broke350

    Stock carbs, SLP's and pods

    Thanks guys.
  9. broke350

    Stock carbs, SLP's and pods

    Thanks. I went ahead and picked up 320 and 330 mains also. They didn't have any of the pilot jets, so I just ordered some 27.5's and 30's from FAST along with a carb sync tool.
  10. My Banshee is stock with no porting. Stock carbs with TORS removed, no airbox with K&N pods. Swapping out FMF's for SLP's. With the FMF's I was running 290 mains and 25 pilots with the airbox, pro-flow adapter and no lid. Now that I've removed the airbox altogether, what should be a safe range of jets to start with? I have 300 and 310 mains and am going to pick up some pilots tomorrow. Should I pick up 27.5's and 30's? Should I also pick up some larger main jets while I'm at it, or should the 310's be as large as I'd need? I ride primarily at LSOK, so elevation is around 1400 ft according to google. Thanks.
  11. broke350

    SE black anodized pipe hangers

    Those look great, payment sent.
  12. broke350

    3-Wheelerz R US

    Nice. I have an 84 '70 that I mainly use as a pit bike. I did rig up a whip mount and took it out on the dunes and it surprised me that it would haul me out there. Also have an '86 350X I've owned since I was 14. I changed the color scheme, but now that I'm older, thinking about going back to stock colors.
  13. broke350

    Are these tires any good?

    I ran the 10 paddle version of those sand devils and they worked good on my stock 700 Raptor and my piped stock banshee. I have a couple buddies that ran the standard 8 paddles on their 400EX's. They're better than knobbies in the sand.
  14. broke350

    Removing stock air box

    ^Yep, or you can buy a relocation bracket from JDS Customs if you want to keep yours.