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  1. I’m from Kent if anyone’s near here. Just in the process of getting mine road legal and the engine rebuilt.
  2. As tittle says but need shipping to the UK if possible? If not I have cousins in Arizona and Kansas.
  3. adam uk

    Wanted Banshee

    Looking to purchase a complete or semi complete banshee if anyone has one for sale or knows someone that has would be very helpful and greatly appreciated.
  4. looks like its time to open it back up again! lol is either of these a common problem for coming loose?
  5. no, no noise starts up fine goes in gear fine but no forward momentum ?
  6. whats that, how do i get to it, would i need to split the cases?
  7. Please help.. Whilst riding recently in really heavy mud my banshee suddenly stopped as if it popped out of gear (i was going up hill) I then tried getting it back in gear, it seemed to be going into each gear but no drive? So thought maybe id killed the clutch as there was a smell like a frazzled clutch.. New clutch ordered an installed.. Starts up first kick as always and goes into each gear but doesnt seem to actually engage anything, just sits and revs? what could be the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. to say its loud is an understatement.. you can hear the exhaust just under half a mile away through woods! raptors sound like 50cc's in comparrison!
  9. so i have a suzuki lt250r bored out to a 280 uprated carbs etc etc not sure of exact specifics with a paul turner pipe with fatboy silencer.. now last sunday i took it to my local track and after i took it round once i got told i wasnt allowed to continue as it was to loud!? everyone stood still and jus watched me!! ive even changed the wadding before i went and still too loud? how can i make it quieter?
  10. unfortunatly not yet, that was my intentions, so i saved up then ended up spending the money on a quad for the gf! hopefully by xmas it should be! ive got a van so can take it anywhere? im out on sunday near crawley.. have you got a shee then?im from kent.. maidstone..
  11. as topic says.. i jus want someone to ride against as craptors trx and other for pokes ive ridden against cant keep up an i wanna test myself! an ive only got a stock shee!! maybe its just the way i ride!?
  12. 29 an from the UK... kent.. garden of England
  13. i work in a nightclub an i run the security there.. oh how ive needed a form like this for the people i turn away an moan for the rest of the night giving me ear ache! now i can say "were doing a survey to help us opperate in a more effected mannor, would you mind filling this in" its gonna be fun watching them explode!
  14. hi mike i live in Kent, have you got any good tracks round your way.. very limited here altho in crawley we go to a massive woods once a month which would easily cater for your steering.. sunday is the next event..
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