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  1. I’m 98% sure I dumped 250ml into a can and got 10L of 94 octane so 40:1. but whenI filled up the bike last night it honestly looks like straight gas. Again I’m very sure I mixed it. The can is marked. Anyone else notice minimal colour difference. This is only my second tank using klotz. Always used yamalube 2R and you can defiantly tell that was mixed
  2. Hey guys. Can anyone explain shipping to me please. Over the years I have noticed some strange things happen when you track a package. Example. Today when I looked to see where my clutch basket was. Figured it would be arriving soon. Shipping to Ontario Canada. I could have drove to Dryden and back in a day. It’s only 500kms. Anyway iv seen this happen a few times over the years. Odd to watch a package you think is gonna arrive soon be moved to another state further way from its final destination. Btw I hope to hell it doesn’t actually arrive on May 25th. Sent
  3. Well I tore the intakes back off to put some other gasket material in there between the boots and reed cage. It was Fel-Pro rubber fiber that I know is ok for gas. Put it back together leaks like crazy. Reed cages are flat and smooth. OEM intake boots from 2004. This just goes to show how Important a leak down test is. I would have never guessed in a million years how much these can leak after all new gaskets. I put a flat edge across the boot and it’s warped abit so it’s not sealing. Just bending Think it’s time for some new boots. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I made some intake gaskets to seal between the rubber boot and reeds. Used Fel-Pro 1/16” rubberized cork I think. I’m not sure what exactly the material is. I found it in my tool box It’s Fel-pro for sure. Anyone help me out. It passed the leak down at 8psi. Held for 3 hours. But I’m worried about the what gas might do. Should I order some different material to make new ones. Everything takes forever to order. Was 2 weeks waiting to get all my seals for the bottom end. I know I can get some gasket material down at the auto parts store in the AM. Here’s
  5. Update. Had to yamaBond the new reed gaskets and I made two more to go between the reeds and OEM Intake. Might be time to upgrade. It’s been holding 8psi for around 3 hours now. Should be good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Just pulled them off. Oring is hard as a rock. I guess that’s what you get after too many years sitting in a box.
  7. Trying to do a leak down test on my Fresh rebuild. My OEM I take boots are leaking between the reeds and boot. I would guess the rubber Oring that is moulded in the OEM boot is done. Has anyone ever put another reed gasket on that side So instead of 2 gaskets like factory. There would be 4 on both sides of the reeds. This would solve my issue I think
  8. What side was the cylinder on. Might have had a crank seal sucking air. Or tranny fluid. Depending on the side
  9. Ahh well. They look identical. Bought At the same time from Jeff at fast so maybe your right. If I take a flat edge across the dome and measure down is that accurate enough. Guess it really doesnt matter tho. from searching that is an ok squish so I should be able to use either set right ?? If I use the 20cc. Will I have to change timing.
  10. Hey guys just getting my motor back together after many years tore down. Here the details. stock stroke hotrods crank. 65mm wiseco prolites noss head. Noss domes from F.a.s.t 21cc and 20 adjustable timing Usually set to +4 T5’s so I measure my squish. The proper way. Solider parallel Of pin out to the edge. I got .0485 on both sides with the 21cc so I put the 20cc domes in and got about the same. .049 shouldn’t the squish change with different domes ? I won’t know what compression is till I get my new clutch basket. My ring end gap was .010 acr
  11. OEM water pump bearing. Has plastic inside the the outer race that looks like it holds the bearings. Other side is open I would guess the open side goes towards the tranny fluid. ?? Makes sense to me. Lol.
  12. I don’t know the rules but my T5’s with the hush kit are very quiet and it’s spark arrested. There must be some decibel rule. If so I would say the hush kit would be every bit as quiet as a stock yz250 or yfz450 ?
  13. Oh. One more thing I over looked on my banshee after it sat for 4-5 maybe 6 years. When I parked it I had no intentions of letting it sit that long and I never drained the carb bowls. They got nasty. On one of the bowls. I forget what one there is a choke circuit that you can’t really clean. I had mine in an ultrasonic wash twice. Still didn’t really clean them. Still hard to start if it had been sitting for a week or two. It turned out to be a clogged choke circuit down in the carb bowl. New bowl solved this.
  14. What’s the elevation above sea level where you live/ride. And what the temp. what pilot jet does it have. If it’s a 25. Jump up to 27.5 secondly and I’m no expert but I don’t believe 120 psi coming off a compressor. constant pressure is the same as the pulses coming from the motor. Your compression tester has to hold each and every pulse of pressure building up till it stops. At 60 psi I’m not even sure it would run. But if never had a motor test that low so I don’t know for sure. Try another tester. Investigate the pilot jet
  15. maybe I used the wrong term. I said guys are saying they are shit. I am sorry. What I should have said is. I have been Searching and reading every post about billet baskets. Everyone is raving about the Mattoon. Redline. And chariot basket in no particular order. Sheerider11 I think was saying the brass bushing in the Hinson baskets are soft and garbage. Based on the 5 or so post and 20-30 comments within those posts. Cost us Canadians 400$ to get a Hinson/Barnett basket from a big box store. I just ordered a chariot basket 240$CAnadian with priority shipping 56$
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