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  1. Definitely different. Facebook has ruined a lot of things.
  2. 57 and been a site member for years. Kids grew up banshee`s sat for awhile. I guy came along started throwing down hundred dollar bills ,it got to a point a couldn't say no. I have a Cr500AF it`s got to the point I hate to start it. So I decide to get a banshee again. I can't just buy one running to many bad deals. So I bought a roller and have been buying parts. It's a slow process or I'm just lazy . About ready to send my cylinders and crank to FAST, so it won't be much longer.
  3. toolman

    ISO 2 into 1 carb setup

    Still looking. People are messed up. Sent PayPal payment Monday.dudes says he can't ship until Wednesday. Ok no problem. Thrusday evening no contact so I contact him. It's going to cost to much to ship UPS he says. So I tell him send it USPS priority mail. Ok maybe next week. No just send my money back.
  4. toolman

    ISO 2 into 1 carb setup

    Still searching has to a motofast laying around someone's shop .
  5. toolman

    ISO 2 into 1 carb setup

    I'm really looking for a moto-fast manifold. I have used several other and this seems to work the best for a trail machine. I have the carb I will be using.
  6. toolman

    ISO 2 into 1 carb setup

    Nope What do you have? Sent you a pm
  7. toolman

    ISO 2 into 1 carb setup

    Nope What do you have?
  8. I've been away for a long time sold both banshee`s several years ago. Recently bought a roller and getting parts to build a trail banshee. I have always used the 2 into 1 setup.i really liked my moto~fast set up with a lectron carb.
  9. toolman

    Spare stock parts

    I know this is last year. But do you have any parts left.
  10. toolman

    Parting Out Entire Yamaha Banshee

    Wiring harness??? Front brake ressivor complete?? Thanks Tim
  11. toolman

    haspin acres weekend

    Did anyone show up?????????????????????????????