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Head on collision with Utv with banshee ..frame help


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Worst Crash I’ve been in. I’m thankful I’m OK I have a sprained wrist and my knee hurts. I was riding today with my brother-in-law. And I was going up a fire Road about 20 mph ...When I reached close to the top a four seater Utv... Flew over the other side at excessive speeds. catching air ...He landed and we both hit the brakes at the same time it was too late head on collision. I flew about 6 feet in the air Straight up landed on my knees and got right up. He came out he was a 16-year-old kid barely getting his mustache hair(I didn’t no who to blame )  ...The banshee started and I rode it back to camp. I didn’t know whose fault it was and I’ve never been in that situation before.My front bumper is completely crushed and so are the front mounting bolts(a striped number screw). What do you guys recommend ...find a welder. I’m willing to pay a good amount to have this fixed ...Any questions I will answer still resting from the crash. No More riding on roads Frequently travel to by Utv s ... If anyone knows any welders in our area that would be cool too. The front light is also bent

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