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Reeds: Rebuild, or Not To Rebuild? That is the question.

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I am ordering a driveline 392 assassin cylinder kit and I’m having to make a decision on what to do with my reeds. I have a set of Vforce 3 reeds and the petals have seen better days. They still “work” but I’m starting to see gaps at the sealing surface and one petal is starting to flake at the corner. Flipping them won’t close the gaps. So my options at the moment are either:

1: Buy replacement petals for $100-120 from what I’ve seen online (they sell them at $50-59 per cage)

2: Sell the VF3’s for around the same price and get VF4’s

3: Sell the VF3’s and get the chariot cages with Boyeson reeds

Chariot advertises that they have a flow advantage over vforce reeds with stock stroke mildly built engines and vforce apparently has the edge with stroker engines. Not sure how much of this is true, I do know that vforce petals last a very long time and I have no experience with the boyeson reeds. The chariot cages come with stage 2 boyeson petals and not their carbon fiber. What do you guys suggest I do? 

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11 hours ago, AKheathen said:

what other mods?

Stock carbs, pod filters, chariot billet intake, driveline 392 assassin cylinders, coolhead w/ 18cc domes, fmf fatty head pipes with toomey silencers. Runs on sunoco 110 leaded race gas with 32:1 klotz super techniplate

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if you upgrade carbs, and pipes, vf4 would help, but if its going to be a while, the boysen reeds have a smoother bottom end, or i don't thing you are going to see much of a difference going 3 to 4.  not nearly as big as going stock to 28 or 30mm carbs.  unfortunately, the fatties don't quite match flow for the whole range they are meant for on the big bore cylinders, however, all that compression at higher rpms than about where its going to fall off is a bit much for a stock crank.   long story short, if you have, say 500 budget, go for the repedal and new carbs, or keep your eyes open for used.

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