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Drag 396 Alcohol Cub Top End, Crank, Override

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This Motor is brand new with the exception of break in and dyno. It pulled 109 hp. It was built by Cascade for a personal drag motor. After build was complete the class was opened to 421cc. It was traded for side work. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the motor, I am just building a 10 mil


This package includes:

Override Transmission 2-5 N Down 375

4 Mil Crank Trued and Welded With TZ 500

Mikuni T38 Alcohol Carbs 350

VF2 Reeds 175

Billet Intakes 150

66 Bore Monoblock Cub Cylinders 1200 

Pistons  0

Pro Design Cool Head 240

Domes 0

All Hardware Included:  Nuts, Studs, Wrist Pin Bearings ETC 0 

Total 2990

Asking 2500

This motor Is currently completely assembled and will stay that way until items are purchased. When funds have cleared, I can provided detailed bill of sale immediately via Email. Please allow 72 hours to ship. I work long days and far from home.  Buyer pays shipping and fees. Located In SW Washington State. I have many pictures but am unable to upload do to size. Message me with contact info and I can send them. I am asking a fair price for a new built, ported and tuned package. All you do is put it together and send it. 






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