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Banshee setup for mx/enduro/trail


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G'day lads how are you all? I have a '03 banshee that is stock except for pro circuit platinum pipes. How should I set my shee up for racing? Looking at some +2 +1 a arms and upgraded suspension. Also going to do a yfz450 front brake conversion. Is mx a wildly different suspension setup to enduro/xc?

When the shee is due for a rebuild I'm planning on a 421 serval or super wampus 472.

Also debating whether to run methanol or not. Cheaper by the litre than pump fuel round my area. Is it allowed in the regs for mx? Cheers

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Your suspension needs to be fully adjustable.  Full aftermarket long travel would be great, but +2+1 arms and good shocks would do pretty well. 

As for general setup, go to a track and fix what you notice.  I thought more power and better suspension was all I needed and I ended up not adding anythin to make more power over the past year.

For example, not being able to see the front tires when i was close to someone really bugged me, so I got some race-cut Maiers.  I started losing grip if I pushed hard at all, especially in the rear, so I went with Duro Hookups (20x11x9).  That caused me to have to fight harder to get the rear end around, so I dropped the front sprocket by 1 tooth.  Next, my feet started to slide off when I was cornering hard, so I got some JDS pegs.  Then, I noticed that my brakes felt like shit compared to a stock YFZ, so I upgraded to YFZ brakes.  I started getting sweat in my eyes, so I ordered a Fox V4 and new goggles. Then I started getting pain in my wrists, so I ordered some Pro Tapers and Rox adapter/risers and that helped a ton.  My thumb soreness was next, so I cut a bit off the carb springs and used a vacuum bleeder to suck the old oil and dirt out of the lines and replaced it with new, plus I bent the throttle arm in the throttle housing so that I had a little more leverage (this was minimal).

This last weekend, I hit about a 75' double and landed with my heel on the shifter.  Luckily, I didn't damage anything, but needless to say, nerfs are next.  I also bent my swingarm, so that's gotta be fixed as well.  Just fix what you notice and you'll get way faster.

I have my Elkas setup for XC, and I'm 3 clicks away from having them maxed out for MX.  The rebound is almost out of adjustments as well.

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