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A local track owner has asked me to race in the upcoming TMXA series. I talk to this guy about my cz's. I told him that I have zero experience on a track. He tells me I have full access to his practice track til the season starts. He asked me to race because there are no 2 strokes in the 300-450 class. Pretty much he is asking me to help him show that 2 strokes aren't dead.


I need advice on how I need to set up my banshee and tire preferences and etc. I have zero experience on a track much less racing. The track this guy owns is called power line sx in Atwood, TN.


Can I get some advice? I would love to show these guys in the series that a banshee is a beast.

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My girlfriend has a very similar motor to DDQ.

I could ride that bike HARD all day.

She has PT highs, stock stroke welded crank, suufrjag (justin) port work, 21cc domes, vf2,stock carbs. The bike rolls into the power seamlessly. No yanking in your arms. Comes into power at a super low rpm range. It's a very fun motor. Thing won't win any drag races, but bouncing from corner to corner, it's perfect.

A big motor won't win mx. My 4 mil prob makes 2x as much power as hers. I'd take her bike over mine for mx/trails/rec riding. It won't spin the tires every whack of the gas. It's not a powerband that lifts the front violently when it gets a bite.

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I'm going next weekend to the practice track. It's supposed to similar to two or three tracks on the circuit. That set up makes perfect sense. I will have to start gathering stuff up. Gonna need some reeds and shocks for sure. Probably send the cylinders off later this year. Have the crank true and welded.


What kind of shocks are y'all running?


I have two motors. Thinking about setting one up for the track and one a 421 for goofing off in the off season.

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Handling and comfort are key!

Steering stabilizer is a must!! Even a cheap stick style is better then nothing. That will keep you from getting worn out to quick.

A taller antivibe stem is usually a good upgrade. It's more comfortable to bring the bars to you for your height.

Good foot pegs. a wide platform and kick up are nice. I have roll design but there hard to come by. JDS has the next best thing.

Nerf bars are usually mandatory. Heel guards on the pegs are your choice. Not my style. But be mindful if you get into negative. Swing arms. Tires can hit them.

A tether is usually mandatory. Silly to not ride with one even if just play riding. I have a pro armor with a big T style handle for quick pull to get the tether back on.

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