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I would like to tell every one that Dave at Noss Machine is top notch guy.


About 3 weeks back I found my noss head leaking coolant from a crack in one of the head bolt holes. I was on here looking for a used one to get the bike back running for a trip I was going on. I look at Noss wed site and they were out of the blue heads. After talking to some of the guys on HQ, I got a PM from Dave. He said to give him a call in the morning and he would see what he could do for me. I called him and he said he was out of stock on the blue head and asked if the non-Anodized one was ok with me. Then he also told me he was going to warranty the head for this problem I was having. I was like no way that's cool all I had to do was send back the old one for him to look at and verify that the head was not over tighten and not damage. He sent the new replacement head out that day. I still had to go home pull the old head off and send it out to him. I just talked to him today to see if he look at the head and was good to go. He said all is good and was happy to help me out.

ALL IN ALL Dave is a great guy to deal with and runs a stand up business. That stands behind there parts and work. I had 3 years on that head and he replace like it was no big deal.


Dave thank you for your time and service. I will only RUN NOSS HEADS on my shee!!!!!!!!




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