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UPDATE: I recived the cover today. I started this post on the 25th, cover was shipped from same town that the motor was on the 26th. But I really dont care about any of that. I finally recived what I paid for. I am sorry it had to come to this post, and I did not really want or expect for everyone to jump on to him, and I dont care what anyone else says everyone else would have done the same thing way before waiting 30 days like I did. Like I said in my very first post, he is probley a good guy. Everything was exactly the way he described it and it was packed very well. Besides the 30 days waiting for cover (for what ever reason). With that being said I would ask for this to be moved to the N section in feedback.

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I didn't want to go through all of the explaining about what else happened but I guess I will the guy put my address as the shipping and blazens as the return address so I received the cover back on Monday the 26th and I had my wife bring it to my work and I ran it over to USPS and hand wrote the address on it and handed it to the man behind the counter and off it went AGAIN!! So I didn't really ship from the same town the motor did but that's beside the point. I'm glad you got it finally and like I said before I'm sorry for the mix up and the delay.



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