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opinions on front end width


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hey guys im new here and looking for some advise.im building my 12th shee

and setting it up for mx,never built one for mx.ive got everything figured out but

the front end,im hearing some people set up at 50"s and others say 48"s because

at 50 the bumpsteer is horrible and it wont turn?

im running a mild mx motor 30 over mx porting,2 into 1 carb,with fmf gnarlys,-1swinger

plus 4 axle with works front shocks,shocks are set up for plus 2 plus 1s.


my shee will probabaly see more atv rodeos than mx (its getting pretty big around

here and pays great)

any help on this will be great.


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hopefully she handles as good as my 450s

It's will ride alot better then most banshees. But sorry to tell you, it will not even be close to a newer 450 in handling.

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