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My MX Build...with Pictures


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I got the Eliminator with the snap ring. Full warranty and free shipping. Part of the reason I spent the$ 100 more is because Im not waiting til july to ride when the gforce axles come in. I spent some time talking to DDQ and ge suggested the gforce and that's what i planned on going with but Im not going to wait that long. I also got my JL swinger last night, looks amazing. Ill post some pics up once I get everything bolted up then I need to measure for shocks.

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The wifes build as of right now.....Going to be a Dark Blue Metallic Frame, JL swinger, +2's, lots of chrome and white plastics.



Our Seats being sent to VegasJeff- Mine is going to black matte with orange stitching, hers will be white carbon fiber with blue stitching and "Lizzy" on the back, can't wait to see how the turn out, Im sure I wont be let down!


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did he even finish it? lol. im assuming a female has something to do with this. they always destroy what men work so hard to create.


And babies......but that's women's fault too. :lol:

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haha! yeah I didnt have it for very long. Wife needed a new car and we have a youngster on the way this November. Works been slow and moneys been tight, blah blah not going to whine to you guys but I do have another frame and a bunch of parts hidden in the corner of my garage that I plan to get to before too long. You cant stay away from the banshee for too long :)

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