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  1. Thank you for the input I will have to look at the spark plug strap again will get back to you
  2. Ok first off my banshee runs like a raped ape 1st thru 5th but will not pull in 6th My mods are 34mm mikuni carbs Aggressive dune port Vf4 reeds +4 timing plate Chrome crossover intake Pod airfilters Shearer inframe pipes Stock head and bore 12tooth sprocket in front stock in back Running 4 snow tires 22s Elevation is 5400feet My current spark plugs are a tan color near the center electrode The plug chop I did weeks ago looked a little rich but I'm still learning here Where the plugs threads start is black and wet on the end . I'm also witnessing bubbles in the fuel line during revs in neutral I'm just not sure if this is a fuel delivery problem . Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks
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