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  1. It wasn't as fast before pipes but didn't bogg,I put 30s in last night and recleaned carbs through out but had to order 280 290 300 and 310s at 1.5 turns on air plugs are burning a kindda chocolate color no carbon build up and definitely not close to white,I'm a smart man but damn this is f ing with me bad,hey thanks y'all for helping me
  2. I'm also running Yama lube
  3. Elevation 614 , no leaks ,I've checked to many times to count,k&n filter clean
  4. 26mm makuni carbs,fmf fatties,no lid,4th notch, Jets are 260, 22.5 this is not close to right, help me out boys or Friday night she's in the fire
  5. Stock,26mm carbs I think the Jets are 29 they came with fmf pipes
  6. Y'all gave me advice on my girl bogging most of it helped,I've replaced with matched makuni card and have synced them,fatty pipes and installed Jets with pipes my needle is on 4,runs lika scared monkey untill full throttle high gear I'm in Georgia tha weather changes daily this time of year,anyway is my needle high,low or something else? Thanks for all the advice y'all have gave and for anymore you may have, Thomas.
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