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  1. Hello All, just wondering if after all there are any Banshee riders in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Would be awesome to group up! Mostly, I can see only Raptors... 😐
  2. Hi All, have had the Banshee parked for a week and noticed some fuel deposited around the tank's fuel cap as if it had spelt a little. Also on the ground under the engine a few drops, hence the smell of petrol from abt 3 mt away. The lower nipples of the carb keep on being a little wet, but cannot see proper leaks anywhere.. Any ideas pls? Regards, Giovanni
  3. Dear Claude, thanks for that. I keep on hearing to use high-grade oil, though, as to avoid deposits on carbs, proper lubrication, less smoke etc etc. Any idea of exact brands and types? Cheers, GIovanni
  4. Hi All, just became part of this forum and wanted to ask opinions about pre-mix oils that can be used in a 2007 Banshee. Motul 800 In UAE is difficult and quite expensive to get, hence any other "common" brands providing good grade oils? Yamalube, Castrol...? Thanks!
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