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  1. Does anyone have one they're done with? I'll even rent it if you don't want to outright sell.
  2. I'm new to this world so don't kill me....... So I acquired another "project" Banshee today. The guy put the engine together with the Hotrods 4mil long rod crank, the cylinders and pistons are out of it so I'm questioning things. I read that it needs to run the Vertex pistons but he has some Wisco's that were made for a long rod crank, will those work? Also, it came with an aluminum spacer/plate under the cylinders, again I'm assuming here, that's so you don't have to mill the domes? I appreciate all the help. Thanks.
  3. Sounds like I'll go with the Chariot and the pro design domes. Thanks guys.
  4. So I'm looking to upgrade from the stock head to a cool head of some sort, but there are a few out there to choose from. What's the best selection for a trail bike? I have the basic mods, full FMF exhaust, reed spacers, pro-flo filter with no lid, and Boysen reeds. So with all of that, I would be sticking with 21cc domes for stock compression unless maybe a 20cc makes more sense. I've seen some mixed reviews on Vito's stuff so I'm on the fence about the hemi head. We all know Chariot is quality. Pro-flow is quality I still see some Noss out there for sale. What says everyone? Thanks.
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