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  1. Awesome! Quality products are what we strive to deliver, be sure to tell all of your buddies!
  2. Thankyou for the kind words guys! Yes i offer shipping to Canada as well as Puerto Rico, etc. Keep an eye on our Facebook page as that is where everything new is released! Thanks again!
  3. Hello all, I would just like to formally introduce myself to the forum. Alot of activity has shifted to Facebook since social media is the new thing, but im sure there are still plenty of you who browse the forums. I am a new small business that is making ATV carbon fiber, aluminum and titanium goods. I currently have a few select products on the shelf but are working on more for the banshee as we speak. Custom footpegs are in the works, along with exhaust hangers, motor mounts, and anything custom that you may be interested in. Here is a hot new item that i have and is youre looking to cut weight, THIS is a little hidden GEM that goes unthought of... Carbon Fiber dowels and plate kit for any Yamaha steering stem. $48 3.7oz savings over the steel equipment! ORDER YOURS TODAY! (504) 994-1489 OR on Facebook @ JM Industries!!
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