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  1. What reeds does it have, banshee or the bigger cr125 reeds
  2. Now I have done research but I can’t seem to find a solid answer for what I’m looking for. I have pwk39 carbs set up for alky (68 pilot. 120 dump and a 128 main) what would jetting is needed for about 10% nitrometh?
  3. Willing to sell as a whole for $380 plus shipping
  4. Selling parts I had to do a 7 mil stock cylinder, now I’m going a completely different route with the build so I’m selling the parts I don’t need anymore. Everything comes as pictured, pistons and sleeves are new never installed. Head is in really good condition. Any questions please contact thru here or text 305-877-6617 -$100 banshee big bore sleeves (66-69) I have these same sleeves in a nother motor with a piston of 70mm no issues probably can go 70.5 -$180 new wsm 69.5mm pistons (long rod, only comes with piston rings no pin or c-clips) -$140 trinity pro series head
  5. Same thing no difference, just the long rod is a safer route due to the rod angle but port timing wise your fine
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