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  1. It really sucks! Hate people like that!
  2. Kennyraycollins@gmail.com Don't buy from this dirtbag!!! Scumbags like these deserve to get shot and ruin everything for others!
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums, I have a hybrid blaster in the works and needed some banshee parts, I bought a shock from kcskindeep84 and now whenever I click on his profile name, it comes up as an error, I payed $50 as a gift( I know, I still trust people) and I guess this guy is not getting back to me and his profile seems dead. I don't know why anyone would want to rip a kid off for $50! I'm running low on cash for this project and this happens Kcskindeep84, if you're reading this, please at least let me know what's going on is appreciate it. Thanks
  4. Nastyracing, sorry that's too much for me, I need a cheap stock shock, but thanks
  5. Yes, if it wasn't for $, I'd be fine with whatever but I'm looking for a cheaper shock so stock will be fine
  6. Hello everyone, I'm in need of a rear shock. Pm me what you have with the condition and price. Thanks
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