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  1. Shit. I knew what it was once i saw it. I usually just called it wire casing. Oh well. People add more pics!
  2. Set of vitos pistons. They are 64.50mm pistons Set of stock carbs bored to 28mm, come with extra carb parts. And mini pods. Set of stock carbs ready to rip. Willing to trade for anything equal to the value of my parts. Let me know if any interest i can send pics. Thank you.
  3. THAT SHEE IS BADASS MAN!!!! And wire loom.....? Hmm ive never heard of that. What is it and where did u get it? Sweet bike man.
  4. I cut all the b.s. out of my harness and moved all the cdi up front. I want to see what other people are raping their wireing with and how everyones running them through the engine. Please post up pics to give me ideas! Thanks!
  5. I was thinking about the dune/play port too because i race buddys down my road. I just didnt know how itd be on the trails?
  6. Ok? Good comment..... stickers and boost bottles do the same right? Bottom end differences, pull harder, anything hugely noticible? How much faster haha
  7. Anyone whos had kevin herr trail port their stock stroke cylinders, please post the difference you noticed after the porting. Im going to have my stockers ported and im wondering what its like.
  8. Cometcartsales.com they sell it for like .45¢ a foot
  9. Its good. The black looks better than the shitty yellow. Thanks man.
  10. Id definitly buy some yellow if u got some. Fuel and carb vent lines. Let me know when u get some more colors
  11. I need 1 rear shock linkage bolt. The one before the bolt that bolts to the swingarm. Need it ASAP! thanks
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